Ms. Mascotti

Middle School Art and Math

Kandice Mascotti


phone: (507) 944-2004

*best time to reach me by phone: 7:30am-7:50am or 3:00pm-3:30pm

My name is Ms. Mascotti and I am excited to be teaching Art classes and a Math class this year! I love to incorporate mathematics into my art pieces, speaking to the uniqueness of infinity and proportions!

This year: Art classes run for one trimester and students will be actively involved in creative problem-solving. Math 8 class will run for four quarters and students will explore many avenues of algebra. Trimester 1 will begin with art for eight graders. We will explore Virtual Reality Vive "Tilt Brush," and we will dive right into creative problem-solving by hands-on making of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional projects. Trimester 2 will follow with art classes for seventh graders and Trimester 3 will include sixth graders! We will also explore the art elements and art principles as we create multimedia projects...including clay, painting, drawing, mixed-media, and sketchbooks. Each student will have a small cubby in the art room to store projects and supplies that you bring into class.

Teaching Philosophy: I believe in creating a safe, student-centered, inclusive, differentiated, and hands-on learning environment where every student can succeed. I engage students to help define studio art class and math class expectations to create an exciting, yet organized and safe environment to promote trust, positive learning, peer sharing, creative problem-solving, and inspirational projects with many different types of art media. The MN Art Standards are incorporated into each art project unit as the students learn and grow through the many exciting facets of the visual arts! The MN Math Standards will be incorporated into the Math 8 class.

I will also be hosting Art Club! We will meet once a month, after school in the art room to explore advanced creative problem-solving while connecting with other students who love art. This year we will create installation art to add to our school!

I live in Rochester with my husband, two children, and two mini schnauzers. I enjoy traveling with my family, creating art, skiing, playing soccer, rock climbing, and spending time in nature. Please feel free to stop into the art room, 124, to meet me.

Art 8 syllabus w pict.docx
z Art 7 Syllabus w pict2.docx
Art 6 syllabus w picts.docx
Math 8 syllabus

Teaching Schedule: Art class is one third of the Trimester wheel which includes Health and Life skills for all grades!

Time Trimester 1 Trimester 2 Trimester 3

Hour 1 (7:50am-8:37) Math 8 Math 8 Math 8

Hour 2 (8:41-9:28) Supervisory Supervisory Supervisory

Hour 3 (9:32-10:19) Art 8 Art 7 Art 6

Hour 4 (10:19-11:22) ***************Pride/Lunch**************************

Hour 5 (11:26-12:16pm) Art 8 Art 7 Art 6

Hour 6 (12:20-1:09) Art 8 Art 7 Art 6

Hour 7 (1:13-2:02) Art 8 Art 7 PREP

Hour 8 (2:06-2:55) PREP PREP Art 6