Ms. Miller

Welcome to the MS Health Education Site

Greetings: This will be my 10th year teaching at Stewartville Public Schools. I have also taught at RCTC and at K-M. If I'm not teaching in the classroom- you can find me coaching the Girl's Varsity Track and Field Team, assisting with the G/B Cross Country teams or assisting with the Varsity Girls Basketball team. My assignment this year will be teaching Middle School Health grades 6-8.

Contact Information: 533-1688 or

E-Learning Day Phone (507)944-0686

The best time to contact me is from 7:30-7:50 or 2:55-3:05.

Teacher Schedule

Aug 20- Nov 2 = 7th grade trimester

  • class 1st-3rd, 4th hour lunch/pride, 5th-6th, 7th hour PREP, 8th

Nov 5- Feb 15, 2019 = 6th grade trimester

  • 1st hour PREP, 2nd-3rd, 4th hour lunch/pride, 5th-8th hour

Feb 19- May 30, 2019 = 8th grade trimester

  • 1st-3rd, 4th hour lunch/pride, 5th-7th, 8th PREP

Syllabus or Classroom Expectations

1- Be Engaged

2- Be Respectful

3- Be Helpful

My goal is to give students the skills and strategies to identify healthy decisions for their mental, physical, social and emotional health in an effort to create life long habits.