Mr. Honsey

Dear Parents / Guardians and Students,

Welcome to 11th grade English in 2018.

David Honsey

My phone number at the school is 533-1653.

My e-mail address is

On E- Learning Days you may call me also at 507 944-0569.

Teacher Schedule

Prep Time: 7:15 to 7:50

1st Hour : Prep

2nd Hour: English 11

3rd Hour: English 11

4th Hour: English 11

5th Hour: 9th Grade Prep Group and lunch

6th Hour: English 11

7th Hour: Honors English 11

8th Hour: Honors English 11

Prep Time: 2:55-4:00 pm

Classroom Expectations

Classroom RulesAll students must adhere to the guidelines in the student handbookRespect each other and each other’s propertyCome to class with everything you needPen/pencil (no red or pink ink please)PaperBooksYour Device charged and ready to use.Have your homework completed each and every dayBe on Time for class( you should be seated and writing before the bell rings)PLEASE LEAVE YOUR PHONE IN YOUR LOCKER!
Grading PolicyGrades are earned in the following manner:Quizzes = 30% of your total grade.Tests = 40% of your total grade.Writing Assignments (portfolios) =30% of your total grade.
A specific grade is based on a strict percentage of the points earned each quarter. See the chart below for percentages and corresponding letter grades.
100-94% = A 76-73% =C93-90% =A- 72-70% =C-89-87% = B+ 69-67% =D+86-83% = B 66-63% =D82- 80% =B- 62-60%= D-79- 77% = C+ 59-0% = F
Grades will be given to students every 3 weeks. If you would like to know your grade, please notify me (with e-mail if possible) and I will calculate the grade within 24 hours. You should also be able to view your student’s grade online . Please do this every week.
Make-up Work
Quizzes and Tests Upon return (Unless absent for more than one day)
If absent for more than 1 day, make arrangements with the teacher. Do not assume special arrangements are in order unless you have spoken with me.You should always go online to view the work of the day. Both a year long schedule and a weekly schedule are available at my school website and on schoology.Students will have one day for each day they are absent to make up missing work when they have an excused absence. For example, a student that was ill for three days would have three days from the time they returned to class to complete their missing work.
However, whenever possible students should look up the day’s assignment and complete the missing work before returning to class.
Tardy policy
It is very important to be on time for class. A student is tardy if they are not seated and ready to work when the bell rings. It is a skill I will try to reinforce in this class.
Extra CreditThere will be opportunities for extra credit throughout the year. Extra credit will not be offered, however, the last two weeks of each quarter. It is important that students take advantage of extra credit during the first seven weeks of each quarter. Late Work When a student doesn’t turn work in on time. I will be following this policy.
Students will forfeit 20% per day for the assignment. They will, however, still need to complete the assignment to receive a grade for the quarter.Students not completing major tests or assignments will not receive a grade for the quarter.It is VERY important to complete work on time. Please help me to instill this important life skill.
Course SyllabusYou will find a course syllabus on the attached page and on the website. It is designed to give you an overview of the course and the things your child will be studying this year.

Participate joyfully in the sorrows of this world!