Mr. Birkholz

"We're all in this together is better than you're on your own."

Hello! My name is Joe Birkholz, and I am so excited to be at Stewartville Middle School for the 2018-2019 school year. This year marks my second year at SMS. I will be teaching 8th grade and 6th grade social studies.

I am a 2013 graduate of the University of Minnesota, and a 2016 graduate of the Teacher Preparation Collaborative at Winona State University-Rochester.

Between graduating from the U of M and beginning my career in education, I worked as a lobbyist and legislative assistant at the Minnesota Legislature.

Contact Information

Phone #: (507)-533-1637


Teacher Schedule

1st Hour: Supervision

2nd Hour: World Studies 8

3rd Hour: Prep

4th Hour: PRIDE/Lunch

5th Hour: World Studies 8

6th Hour: Minnesota History 6

7th Hour: World Studies 8

8th Hour: World Studies 8

Syllabus or Classroom Expectations

1. Come to class prepared and with appropriate materials.

2. Be responsible, productive, and respectful learners.

3. Be prepared to meaningfully participate and discuss.

4. Work thoroughly and put in your best effort.

5. Have fun!

Helpful Links/Resources