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We are HAPPY to be at the SLC!!

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Pictures from the Middle Level Spring Sing!!

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Pictures from the Lower Level Spring Sing!!

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Pictures from the Upper Level Spring Sing!!

Beware Ticks!

Parents please be sure to always check your children for ticks. There are many websites dedicated to identifying ticks and what symptoms may occur with a bite.

If you find a tick on your child or yourself, remove it by using tweezers. Grab the tick close to the skin and pull away trying not to bend or twist it. Be sure there are no parts of the tick left in the skin. Cleanse the area with soap and water. You may want to save the tick by taping it to a piece of paper in case you need to identify it at a later time. You don’t need to take medicine or see a doctor unless you begin to have symptoms.

Tick bites are often harmless but ticks can cause allergic reactions and certain ticks can pass on diseases to humans and pets. Symptoms of tick borne disease could include: red spots or rashes at site, full body rash, stiff neck, nausea, weakness, chills, fever, swollen lymph nodes, muscle or joint pain. If you have any symptoms, contact your doctor.

Nurse Reminders

All medications in the nurse’s office must be taken home for the summer even if your child will be returning to the SLC in September. I will gladly send all meds (except controlled meds such as Ritalin, Focalin, etc.) home with your child in a sealed bag on the last day of school.

If you would rather pick up your child’s meds, you can always come to my office during the school day.

In the medication bag will be a new form for next year that must be completed by your doctor and returned on the first day of school in September. No medications will be given without a doctor’s signature. This will be for all meds such as Epi-pens, Benadryl, inhalers, nebulizer treatments, antibiotics, etc. If your child starts a new medication during the school year, you can request a form or go to our website and print a form for your doctor to complete. You may also obtain a note for meds from your own doctor that must include the name of the med, the dosage, the time to be given and the date to stop the medication if applicable.

All Epi-pens must be in on the first day of school with an allergy action plan signed by a doctor.

If your child has a well visit or gets any immunizations during the summer months, please request a copy to send to me to update their medical record here at school.

Have a wonderful summer! Keep healthy and safe!