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We are HAPPY to be at the SLC!!


Kindergarten and First grade will be going FULL DAYS until June 15th.

June 18th and 19th school will be half days for FIRST GRADE until 11:00 am.

Kindergarten times for the 18th and 19th will be:

AM - 9 to 10

PM - 10:30 to 11:30

Upcoming Events

End of the year celebration on Friday! Kona Ice will be here for students to enjoy a delicious treat before summer break starts!

End of Year Letter 2018.docx

Lost and Found

In the library there is a table with all of this years lost and found, folded and ready to be returned home! There are gloves, hats, sweatshirts, and jackets.

Please come in to see if any of the items are yours. It will be there until the end of school Friday.

2nd grade supply list.pdf


Order your school supplies for the 2018-2019 school year online from our new vendor, by August 31st.

What you need to do:

• Find the supply list for your child's grade by going to this link:

• Click on the purchase button ("Full List") then enter your shipping & billing information

• You can customize your cart in checkout by removing or adding items (buy only what you need)

How it works:

• Supplies are shipped "Next Day" to your home for free

• The SLC will receive 50% of the profits from this fundraiser

If you have questions, please contact Dana Dana Hayes Borrelli at or call/text 302-841-3783.

Attendance Information for Excused Absences

Attendance Rules.docx

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Dear Parents –

Many of you ask about additional learning opportunities for your children. If you have not heard, we are hosting Camp Invention in our District this summer. Camp Invention is a fun, innovation and creativity based program that any student in my class will enjoy!

During the program, Campers in grades 1-6 explore the technology behind self-driving cars and create vehicles of the future, build their very own “smart” homes, design a mechanical robot dog and take home an Optibot, a robot that senses dark and light surfaces. See it in action here: Fast Forward

Our program is being taught by local teachers in our district, and will be held at Sabold Elementary School the week of June 25 - June 29.

You can save $25 by registering by TODAY March 23rd!


Please let me know if you have any questions, and I will happily put you in contact with the Director.

Camp Invention 2018.pdf

Nurse notes from Mrs. DiMaio

Please read the information below.

Nurse Reminders.docx

Healthy children make better learners

Please remember that if your child is feeling ill and had has a fever that they should not return to school until they are fever free for 24 hours following the last dose of Tylenol or Motrin. When diarrhea or vomiting happens, they should be home for 24 hours after the last episode or, at least, through one full school day. This will help to curtail the spread of illness. This winter we have seen already MANY students with Strep throat and the stomach virus.


Beware Ticks!

Parents please be sure to always check your children for ticks. There are many websites dedicated to identifying ticks and what symptoms may occur with a bite.

If you find a tick on your child or yourself, remove it by using tweezers. Grab the tick close to the skin and pull away trying not to bend or twist it. Be sure there are no parts of the tick left in the skin. Cleanse the area with soap and water. You may want to save the tick by taping it to a piece of paper in case you need to identify it at a later time. You don’t need to take medicine or see a doctor unless you begin to have symptoms.

Tick bites are often harmless but ticks can cause allergic reactions and certain ticks can pass on diseases to humans and pets. Symptoms of tick borne disease could include: red spots or rashes at site, full body rash, stiff neck, nausea, weakness, chills, fever, swollen lymph nodes, muscle or joint pain. If you have any symptoms, contact your doctor.

Medical Forms Cougar Paws.docx


Several weeks ago, Springfield School District coordinated with the Springfield Police Department to develop more frequent visits to our schools. We are very appreciative of everything our police department does for our district, and we look forward to their increased presence in our schools. Thank you for helping to keep us safe!

Download New Springfield SD App

The Springfield School District is proud to launch a new mobile app for parents and students to stay easily connected with up-to-date information.

To add the new app to your mobile device, visit

To coincide with the launch of the new app, the Springfield School District social media presence is expanding with a new Facebook and Instagram accounts.

If interested in following the Springfield School District, click here to like our Facebook page. Those interested in following our Instagram, click here.


Please call 610-690-3110 to report your child absence, late arrival or early dismissal.

You can also email the SLC Attendance at or email Please do not forget to include your child's name and room number.

If you child is absent, please make sure a note comes in the next day that they return to school. If they are out from 3 consecutive days, they will need a note from the doctor. Copies of the absent notes are available on the SSD website. If you are going on vacation, you will need to fill out a form. They are in the main office and can be sent home with your child. If this is a SURPRISE trip please state that and we will have it sent home secretly.

You can always call Mrs. Stienstra at 610-690-3100 for any other questions.

Pretzel Day Volunteers-- if interested, please click on the sign-up genius link below:

Please visit the link above for the Safe Snack List. This is a great reference for birthday treats and class parties..

For soft pretzels, Home and School uses Pretzel Boys on Township Line.

You will need to double click the above link to get the the list.

MM_Elem Menu-jun18.pdf

Giant A+ Rewards registration has been changed for the 2017-2018.

Our school Code is 23820

For instructions on how to register, click or copy and paste the link below:

1st Grade Volunteer Lunch:

First Grade parents interested in volunteering for lunch, see below for the sign up link:

NEW--SLC magnets:

Order form link:

Complete the form and send to school in your child’s folder. Any questions please contact Rebecca Lewis Colonna,

2017-2018 Home and School Board

President - Lauren Gilligan

Vice President - Katie McCallum

Secretary - Chrissy Dezzi

Treasurer - Jen Collins

Please Note our New Home & School Web Page: