Welcome to the Springfield Literacy Center!

We are HAPPY to be at the SLC!

Return to hybrid learning on Monday, January 11th-

We will return to hybrid learning starting January 11th. Group A students will come to school Monday and Thursday’s. Group B students will come to school Tuesday and Friday’s. Wednesday’s are virtual days. Attendance will be counted. AVP days will be limited to the three excused days.

Information for Families:

This is a reminder Wednesday are instructional days for our students. Student meetings with their teachers are mandatory. These meetings may include work with their classroom teacher, a reading specialist, or/and a learning assistant. Teachers will contact families with specific times to receive this specific instruction. We expect your child to be in attendance for their Wednesday meeting.

The weather is changing; however, we will be going outside as much as possible. Please make sure to dress your children appropriately (coats, gloves, hats, etc.)

Upcoming Events


  • Monday January 18th- Martin Luther King Jr Day- No school for students and teachers

  • Thursday January 28th and Friday January 29th - Picture retake day. More information to follow.

Covid Attendance Information

Covid-19 Attendance Procedures Parent Notice.docx

Covid Information

Instructions for Schools - Close Contact 10.20.20_202010201113145779.pdf
Instructions for Schools - Symptomatic 10.20.20_202010201111515303.pdf
SYMPTOMATIC STUDENTS Revision 11.4.20.docx

To make this work and keep our students, families, and staff safe, we want to continue to emphasize a few key elements of our Health & Safety Plan:

  • Continue to emphasize proper hygiene and handwashing/sanitizing at home – we will do the same here at school.

  • Reinforce proper usage of face-coverings both inside and outside, throughout the entire school day – we will do this often throughout the day.

  • Follow the building student start times. Please don’t drop students off too early, before staff arrive, as we can no longer assemble large groups of students during arrival due to social distancing regulations. Student start times are in place to allow students to enter the building in a timely manner and go directly to their first classroom of the day where staff will be present.

  • Continue to monitor student symptoms every morning using the district’s “Student Daily Symptom Checker” found on this websitehttps://www.ssdcougars.org/reopening-schools. Our staff do this as well before they come to school every day.

  • Remember, that traveling out of state may require a 14-day quarantine prior to returning to in-person instruction. Review the PA’s “Covid-19 Information for Travelers” website: https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/disease/coronavirus/pages/travelers.aspx for the latest states on the list. Although the PA Department of Health recommends a 14-day quarantine, the district’s approved Health & Safety Plan requires that families that travel to one of the listed states must begin a 14-day quarantine before returning to in-person instruction.

Contact your building principal or nurse if you have any questions.

  • Parents, if you have Covid-like symptoms, or were exposed to a Covid+ individual, or were in close contact with an individual that may have Covid, please contact the building nurse before sending your children to school. We will need to process the information to determine if your child should quarantine, or not.

We know that this is a lot, but we need everyone to do their part to keep our children in school. We appreciate your diligence in following these reminders.

Growth Mindset in ACTION!!

We are so inspired everyday by the students at the SLC with what they can do!! We would like the kids to share their own goals and aspirations for this unique school year. Please have them write 2 goals that they CAN DO and 1 goal that they will be working on to accomplish this school year.

For example:

I CAN...

I am CHALLENGING myself..... .

Please send them into clare.stienstra@ssdcougars.org and we are going to make special announcements throughout the school year.

Student Items

There will be a cart left outside for anything that you need to drop off for your child. Please place your child's name and room number on a sticky with the item and it will be delivered to your child's classroom. If there is medication that needs to be dropped off, that will be directly taken into the nurse's office.

Nurse Notes

Mrs. DiMaio

I wanted to remind all parents to have an extra set of clothes and underwear in your child’s book bag when we begin school. We always see some bathroom accidents especially in the beginning of the year as students get used to new routines and surroundings.

Medications: If your child has an Epi-pen prescribed for them for food allergies or insect stings, please bring or send the Epi-pen to school with an allergy action plan signed by their doctor. Remember to include the original box with prescription label.

If your child has asthma and will need an inhaler at school, an asthma action plan must be signed by their doctor. Inhaler must be in box with prescription label.

Inhaler vs. nebulizer: Current clinical guidance recommends switching to metered dose inhalers or dry powder inhalers due to potential for aerosol generation which could more easily spread SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID. If your child uses a nebulizer please speak to your doctor about switching to inhaler for school use.

I will need a doctor’s note for any other medication that needs to be given at school.

Immunizations: If you were notified that your child has not had all of their required immunizations, please remember that if they are not updated, your child may need to be excluded from school.

**Please remember that students should not come to school if they are sick. Now, more than ever, it is important to keep sick children at home and monitor their illness and call your doctor for guidance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at #610-690-3115 or e-mail me at janice.dimaio@ssdcougars.org.

Coover's Corner

Mrs. Coover, SLC School Counselor



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The arrival and dismissal practices work well when we all work together. Our school community of faculty, staff, and parents, has the shared responsibility to model and maintain designated procedures to ensure the safety of our greatest treasure, our children. Please review the following protocols and share them with any family member or designated driver who transports SLC children to or from school.

First Grade Arrival Time: 8:45am

Kindergarten AM Arrival Time: 8:50 am

Kindergarten PM Arrival Time: 12:45 pm

SLC Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

  • Be a good role model. We are mindful that your children, as well as others, see and hear all that we do. We appreciate the kindness towards others that you demonstrate and share.

  • If you are running late for arrival, and staff is not outside, you must escort your child up to the front porch. Do not block the driveway.

  • To ensure student safety and accountability, walkers will use the “Walker Waiting area” by the main entrance to the porch at dismissal. “Walker” students will be dismissed only from the porch entrance near the main doors. During dismissal, please keep the porch clear.

  • Speed bumps have been installed to remind us of our speed limit. The speed limit is posted 5 miles an hour at all times on the shared campus of ETR and SLC.

  • Parking in marked Fire Lanes is strictly prohibited, as well as any parking in the loading dock entrance near the cafeteria porch. It does not matter if someone waits in the car.

  • Cell phone use on any school campus diminishes your attention and the quality of our children’s physical safety. Please refrain from all cell phone use while in a moving vehicle.

  • Parking for the SLC is limited to the SLC campus, True Jesus church parking lot, and the lower ETR parking lot. Please do not use the ETR visitor, Handicapped, YMCA, or traveling teacher parking spots. SLC Handicapped parking is for appropriately marked cars. Please help us keep the YMCA and traveling teacher parking spots available for their intended use.

  • Please be mindful that the orange cones on the SLC parking lot are used to designate “no left turns.” Even if you are running late, follow the route down to True Jesus parking lot, loop around the cars, and continue up to the school queue, curbside.

  • Follow the flow of traffic through the True Jesus parking lot. All “K” turns or 3 point turns are extremely discouraged.

  • The True Jesus Church entrance is used strictly for exit only from our campus. It is posted “DO NOT ENTER.”

  • Please have your child exit and enter on the right side of your car directly onto the sidewalk. Parents are expected to stay in your cars. During dismissal, you may move up to the side porch to buckle students into their car seats.

  • Please keep your children safely with you as you cross a driveway or parking lot.

I’d like to thank each of you for supporting our school and children. Thank you for your continued patience with arrival and dismissal as we become familiar with your children and our SLC families.

Bus Families: Please be at your bus stop 15 minutes before your scheduled time. As bus drivers get familiar with their routes the time will become more consistent.

Attendance Information

If your child is going to be late or absent from school, please email the SLC attendance at slcattendance@ssdcougars.org. The email to the attendance line will serve as their excuse note. The absentee hotline number is 610-690-3110. Please leave your message with your child's name and homeroom. When calling the absentee line, you will still have to send in a note for the absence. The Attendance guidelines are posted below. For more information, please feel free to call Mrs. Stienstra at


SSD Attendance Policies


Important Forms

Emergency Dismissal Form:


Student Medical Information:


Student Pick Up Form:


Acceptable Use Form:


2020/2021 SLC Home and School Board

President – Christina Hill

Vice President – Laura Segal

Secretary - Lindsay Cowen

Treasurer - Jen Collins