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Update Covid INformation

With the continued high rates of transmission in the community and evidence that COVID-19 is shifting into the endemic stage, the Springfield School District will no longer be sending out building-based daily case count notification emails to families. Effective Wednesday, January 12, 2022, we will move to updating the “SSD In-Person Covid-19 Weekly Tracker” periodically throughout the week (Click Here). Families can use the tracker to check on building and districtwide positivity counts.

Thank you!


Please make sure your children are dressed for the changing weather. We will be going out for recess as long as the weather permits. please be sure children are dressed APPROPRIATELY for the weather everyday. We also ask that you label hats, gloves, and jackets etc. Thank you.


Important Dates



2/4/22 - Wear red or pink to celebrate the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday!

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If you are any picking up work for your child, it will be on the counter in the vestibule labeled.


Please do not approach the front porch while gym classes are being held outside. This is a distraction to the children and is also a safety issue. Please feel free to come up the porch as soon as the classes are being brought inside. We appreciate your help in keeping the kids safe! You may walk your children into the building if you are bringing them into school.

Car Signs

Please make sure that you have your school issued car sign when picking up your child from the SLC. Please have your car sign even if you are picking up your child in the walker waiting area. If you do not have your car sign, please come into the office with a valid ID so we can process it through our Raptor System. If you need more car signs, please email your child's teacher and they will be made that day.

Important Information:


We are continuing to use the Canvas platform as our learning

management system. Canvas allows for a robust virtual learning experience for our students when they are learning at home, with asynchronous (independent) learning opportunities in a safe online environment.

Our students have been successful using the Canvas platform in the virtual learning environment. They will continue using the platform when they are required to quarantine. For more information on Canvas, please view these videos: http://www.ssdcougars.org/district/district-departments/technology/canvas


Starting Monday, September 27th first-grade lunches will be staggered and adjusted to accommodate six feet between students. This change will help reduce the number of students who may need to quarantine due to being a close contact. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.


Dear Parent/Guardian,

This letter is being sent to reinforce established SLC campus traffic safety and protocols in our parking lot, as well as arrival and dismissal procedures from the front porch. The arrival and dismissal practices work well when we all work together. Our school community of faculty, staff, and parents, has the shared responsibility to model and maintain designated procedures to ensure the safety of our greatest treasure, our children. Please review the following protocols in and share them with any family member or designated driver who transports SLC children to or from school.

First Grade Arrival Time: 8:30-8:45 AM

First Grade Pick Up Time: 3:15 PM

Kindergarten AM Arrival Time: 8:45-9:00 AM

Kindergarten AM Pick up Time: 11:30 AM

Kindergarten PM Arrival Time: 12:45 PM

Kindergarten PM Pick up Time: 3:30 PM

*If you are a Kindergarten parent and come too early, we will loop you back around the parking lot since this is the first grade arrival time.

SLC Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

  • Please DO NOT ENTER from the ETR. You will not be allowed to make a left into the SLC parking lot.

  • Please enter from Wyndmoor Road entrance and stay to the right. Buses will stay to the left and pick up bus students at the side of the SLC.

  • The first four parking spots of the SLC are not designated for arrival or dismissal. Please use the carline and do not park in these spots to pick up your child.

  • The True Jesus Church entrance is used strictly for exit only from our campus. It is posted “DO NOT ENTER.”

  • Stay in your vehicle. The staff will assist your child getting in and out of the car.

  • Be a good role model. We are mindful that your children, as well as others, see and hear all that we do. We appreciate the kindness towards others that you demonstrate and share.

  • If you are running late for arrival, and staff is not outside, you must escort your child into the building. Do not block the driveway.

  • To ensure student safety and accountability, walkers will use the “Walker Waiting area” by the main entrance to the porch at dismissal. “Walker” students will be dismissed only from the porch entrance near the main doors. During dismissal, please keep the porch clear.

  • Speed bumps have been installed to remind us of our speed limit. The speed limit is posted 5 miles an hour at all times on the shared campus of ETR and SLC.

  • Parking in marked Fire Lanes is strictly prohibited, as well as any parking in the loading dock entrance near the cafeteria porch. It does not matter if someone waits in the car.

  • Cell phone use on any school campus diminishes your attention and the quality of our children’s physical safety. Please refrain from all cell phone use while in a moving vehicle.

  • Parking for the SLC is limited to the SLC campus and True Jesus church parking lot. Please do not use the ETR visitor, Handicapped, YMCA, or traveling teacher parking spots. SLC Handicapped parking is for appropriately marked cars. Please help us keep the YMCA and traveling teacher parking spots available for their intended use.

  • Please be mindful that the orange cones on the SLC parking lot are used to designate “no left turns.” Even if you are running late, follow the route down to True Jesus parking lot, loop around the cars, and continue up to the school queue, curbside.

  • Follow the flow of traffic through the True Jesus parking lot. All “K” turns or 3 point turns are extremely discouraged.

  • Please keep your children safely with you as you cross a driveway or parking lot.

Thank you for abiding to these procedures. Our primary focus is keeping all our students and families safe.

Updated Kindergarten Supply List 2021-2022.docx
First Grade Supply List.docx

Attendance Information

If your child is going to be late or absent from school, please email the SLC attendance at slcattendance@ssdcougars.org. The email to the attendance line will serve as the excuse note. The absentee hotline number is 610-690-3110. Please leave your message with your child's name and homeroom. When calling the absentee line, you will still have to send in a note for the absence. The Attendance guidelines are posted below. For more information, please feel free to call Mrs. Stienstra at:


Springfield School District


Springfield, PA 19064


Administrative Regulations


1. Excused Absences

State law establishes conditions under which any child may be excused from attendance at school. In keeping with these statutes and recommendations of the State Department of Education, students in the Springfield Schools may be excused temporarily from school attendance for the following reasons:

a) Sickness

b) Quarantine

c) Death in the immediate family

d) Inclement weather that would endanger the health of the child or make roads impassable

e) For observance of a major religious holiday - In instances of requests to be excused from school attendance for observance of a religious holiday, the school administration shall excuse absences only for those days on the list of major religious holidays published by the State Department of Education.

f) Student educational workshop/seminar/visit (college visit, student presentation, etc.) with the approval of Administration:

Failure to receive prior approval for such trip may result in the absence from school being regarded as unexcused

Advanced approval required

Student must be in good academic standing and attendance

It is the student's responsibility to make up completely any

required assignments missed during such trip.

It is also the student's responsibility to submit all assignments to

the appropriate teacher upon return to school.

g) Family Vacations -Students are excused five (5) days maximum per year Excused family vacation days are counted as excused absences and are subject to the procedures for 10 cumulative days or more. (See section C)

h) For other exceptional reasons with the approval of Administration

State law requires a written explanation from the parent/guardian in each instance of school absence, lateness, or early dismissal. Parents are requested to notify the school of the student's absence prior to the start of the school day. In the event a call is not received, a school representative may attempt to contact the parents to confirm that the child is legitimately absent.

2. Communication and Documentation

a) In cases where the school administration believes that absences due to illness are chronic or irregular, the school administration may request a physician's statement certifying that such absences are medically justified.

b) Absences must be reported to the appropriate school's attendance office to ensure student safety. In addition, written notes are required. Notes must be submitted within 3 days after return from an absence. The absence of any student failing to comply with this time period will automatically become unexcused and the school laws of Pennsylvania shall be applied accordingly.

c) The School Attendance Register, Department of Public Instruction, is the official manual on matters of ATTENDANCE

d) Absences for a portion of the school day and tardiness will be considered on a cumulative basis and may translate into equivalent days. Unexcused absences shall include absences which result from parental neglect and illegal employment.

Springfield School District

3. Make Up Work

a) Students will be permitted to make-up work missed during periods of excused absences only. Students should make prior arrangements with teachers prior to field trips.

b) Students will be permitted one (1) school days for each day of excused absence to make-up schoolwork missed during the period of absence. For absences in excess of five (5) school days, alternate arrangements may be made with individual teachers. The same time line applies to homework.

c) Students who do not make-up work in the approved time period, shall forfeit the right to receive academic credit for work missed during the period of absence. d) Any student whose absence is unexcused or who cuts a class shall have no opportunity to make-up the schoolwork missed.


1. Unexcused Absences

It is important for parents to realize that other reasons for missing school, such as those listed below, will result in an unexcused absence or lateness. This list includes but is not limited to:

a) Oversleeping

b) Missing the bus

c) Babysitting

d) Shopping

e) Participating in private hobbies, lessons, or non-school sponsored activities/competitions

f) Studying for an examination or preparing a term paper

g) Habitual car problems

h) Family vacations that are not pre-approved or exceed the excused five (5) days

i) Unauthorized or unsubstantiated college visitations

Absences not listed above or approved on a special basis by the school administration shall be unexcused. After 3 or more unexcused absences a student will be considered truant (See Administrative Regulations for Unexcused Absences Procedures).

Students who are absent have three (3/ school days after their return to submit a written absence note to the attendance office in order to have the absence excused. Failure to do so will result in having that absence permanently coded as unexcused.

2. Missed Work Due to Unexcused Absence

The student will NOT be permitted to make up classwork or assignments, or receive credit for tests, quizzes, or work missed due to the unexcused absence.

Springfield School District


The following procedures shall be followed in administering the Springfield School District's attendance procedures in regard to absences:

1. Students who are absent more than 5 consecutive days or 10days cumulatively require a doctor's note to excuse the absence.

2. The parents/guardians of students who miss 10 cumulative days or more, regardless of the nature of the absences shall be notified in writing of the student's absence record.

3. A parent/guardian conference may be requested by the administration when a student has missed a total of 15 days regardless of the nature of the absences. 4. Excessive absences may result in administrative recommendations regarding grade retention or other action, which may be made in writing to the Superintendent.


Every lateness will be UNEXCUSED unless the student comes to school with an acceptable excuse note from the parent or guardian. (See reasons listed in the Excused Absences paragraph for which students may be temporarily excused from school attendance). Unexcused lateness's (10 or more) may result in administrative recommendations regarding grade retention or other action, which may be made in writing to the Superintendent.

1. Elementary Level

At the elementary level, accrued school time missed due to excessive lateness or early dismissals may be treated in equivalence to days of absence, which would be counted into the total absences.

2. Middle School Level

At the middles school level, three tardies will amount to disciplinary action in the form of detention. Frequent lateness's may result in Saturday school, a parent conference, or other disciplinary action.

3. High School Level

At the high school level, three tardies will amount to disciplinary action in the form of detention. Frequent lateness's will result in disciplinary action as assigned by administrator.


1. In order to participate in or attend any after-school activities (sports practices or contests, play rehearsals or performances, concerts, proms, etc.), a student must be in attendance during the entire school day on which that activity takes place.

2. An unexcused absence on the day prior to a weekend or holiday activity will cause the student to be excluded from participating in any extracurricular activity during that weekend or holiday.

3. Emergency or extraordinary situations must be cleared with the appropriate school administrator.


1. Frequent or prolonged absence, without satisfactory reason, or willful violation of the compulsory attendance laws, shall be handled in conformity with the procedures stated in the Pennsylvania School Code. (See appropriate grade level procedures)

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2021/2022 SLC Home and School Board

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Vice President –

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Secretary -

Jen Mastrangelo



Treasurer -

Jen Crimins