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The resources on this site are designed to help teachers transition to the California Next Generation Science Standards (CA-NGSS) and incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math across the curriculum.

Instructional Materials: All students in SRVUSD grades K-12 have access to science instructional materials. Due to the adoption of the NGSS standards, we anticipate adopting new materials for grades K-8 in the 2019-2020 school year. CA NGSS-aligned curriculum materials were approved by the CA State Board of Education in November of 2018. We are currently in the process of reviewing these materials and making recommendations.

California Next Generation Science Standards

In April 2013, California adopted the Next Generation Science Standards as their new set of science standards. These Next Gen standards are an innovation in science education, shifting the definition of scientific literacy in a information and technology rich age. These new standards are no longer focused on vast and intense number of discrete facts, vocabulary terms, and topics (the body of scientific knowledge), but rather are focused on learning CORE IDEAS and the practices and concepts necessary to review, revise, and extend the body of scientific knowledge. This is a HUGE shift in the purpose and value of science education!!

The standards spiral TK-12. Elementary years lay the foundation for it all future learning!!

In November 2016, after a series of public reviews, California release their version of the standards, packaged in a framework.

Introduction to 3 Dimensional Learning

Core Ideas + Scientific & Engineering Practices + Crosscutting Concepts

A New Vision for Science Education

CA NGSS Storyline Overview

j. K-5 Istructional Segment Titles Chart 2017.pdf

3 Dimensional

Teaching & Learning

Crosscutting Concepts


Disciplinary Core Ideas


Scientific & Engineering Practices


Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

This site is a dynamic work-in-progress; developed & maintained by SRVUSD Instructional Coaches Ann-Marie Walters ( & Jenny Hunau, ( in our effort to provide systems and tools to best support TK-5 classroom teachers and science specialists in implementing the CA NGSS and the CA NGSS Framework in our district. Many of these tools were piloted or developed in collaboration with SRVUSD grade level teams. We sincerely hope that you find value and support in these resources. Your feedback is appreciated.

Public License - A message for states, districts, schools, teachers and non-profit education entities:

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) were developed by educators, content experts and policymakers, using as a guiding document the Framework for K-12 Science Education from the National Research Council. The K-12 academic standards in science were developed by and for educators and school leaders, and as such states, districts, schools, teachers and non-profit education entities may copy, reproduce, alter, adapt, edit, delete and rearrange any and all parts of the NGSS as they see fit and without permission. To limit any confusion, states and districts may not represent that their K-12 science standards are the NGSS unless they have adopted all of the performance expectations.