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Snow Day, Monday, February 25, 2019

Please use last weeks zebra flash cards and have your child create 3 sentences using z words. Ex. I see the zebra.

Draw a picture that tells about the sentence.

Use the word zip and write down 3 rhyming words.

Have a an adult read aloud to you and write down the title of the book and 5 sight words that you can find. Discuss who the characters are in the book. Is there a problem in the story. How does the story end?

Visit the website and practice short vowel words. There is also an addition practice choice with dice to play.

Please finish the February reading logs. Also, a reminder to put your child’s library book in their backpack as tomorrow we will turn in books!

Thank you for completing and sending in this work so we can count this snow day!

Mrs. Wolfe's daughter, Amanda Warring, love getting your cards. Her Marines enjoy the pictures from the kindergartners. They are asking for more!

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