1st/2nd Grade

Mrs. Bennett

MONDAY is always LIBRARY DAY. Please remind your child to pack their library book in their backpack on Sunday night to return on Monday right along with their green folder and shiny Friday folder. I encourage all students to bring the books home to read. It should be exciting to share their new books with the family for a bedtime read or quiet reading on their own. It also teaches responsibility to bring the book back to school on Monday mornings.

MONDAY is PE DAY with Ms. Maddie. Students should have a gym shoe on MONDAY. It's easier if they just wear them until it starts snowing because we have PE first thing in the morning.

Our other specials include computers, music, and art.

For quick reminders about upcoming events I will be using REMIND. This will allow you receive a text or email from me about field trips or due dates, for example, but not for large notes like newsletters. It's really easy to sign up and use.