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Grades K-4 for 2022-2023

Growing into a K-6 Elementary School!

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Project Based Learning School

in Santa Rosa City Schools District

Learning House


Do you have an incoming Kindergartener? Please register your student using the link below!

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K-4 for the 2022-2023 school year - Learning House will be adding a grade each school year to reach our goal of becoming a K-6 elementary school!

For more information and to enroll contact

Lauren Liotta - lliotta@srcs.k12.ca.us


Learning House


¿Tiene un estudiante de kindergarten entrante? ¡Por favor registre a su estudiante usando el enlace a continuación y elija LEARNING HOUSE como su escuela preferida!

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K-4 para el año escolar 2022-2023 - ¡Learning House agregará un grado cada año escolar para alcanzar nuestra meta de convertirnos en una escuela primaria K-6!

Para más información y para inscribirse contacte

Lauren Liotta - lliotta@srcs.k12.ca.us


Learning House School Board Presentation - May 12, 2021

LH School Board Presentation.pdf

We believe

We believe learning goes beyond core knowledge. We educate the whole child, supporting their emotional, social, and cognitive development. By taking a holistic view of each child, we embrace every student as a unique individual. We believe all learners are able to develop the skills and character needed to access multiple learning opportunities. The Learning House synergy offers safety, support, and challenge as students become lifelong learners.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to spark wonderment in every student and foster the love of learning through a Project Based Learning approach. This will include:

  • Engaging academics customized to each student, their learning style, their strengths, and their interests;

  • A dedication to creating multicultural awareness and diversity among our staff and students;

  • An exceptional social and emotional support program; and

  • Connection to the Real World, allowing students to learn from our world's best teacher - our community

The 5 Core Competencies

Each student will develop these key characteristics through academic and social-emotional learning.

Curiosity - To thrive in the future, you will need a sense of wonder about the unknown, interest in what’s new, and a hunger for engaging with the world. Give yourself permission to ask questions and take advantage of opportunities; go explore what’s out there.

Empathy - To succeed, you need to understand the experiences, perspectives, and needs of people around you. Navigate relationships with generosity and patience. Imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes, then put into practice the emotional sensitivity you learn in the process.

Communication - In writing, speech, and body language, you should be able to make your point clearly and persuasively. Listening and literacy are just as valuable — well-tuned analytical and interpretive skills, hearing other’s needs, and responding appropriately are key to effective communication.

Collaboration - By joining forces with others, you make room for a diverse range of voices, skills, and perspectives. More than just working together, you can go beyond getting the best work done to bring the best out in each other.

Focus - Being able to set short and long term goals will allow you to identify learning needs and reflect on potential outcomes. You are able to evaluate your own level of engagement, and organize your learning for success.