Recommended Reads

from the RVMS Counseling Department

Our counseling team is committed to staying informed on trends and areas of concern affecting our students and parents during the middle school years. Here you will find helpful literature that we encourage you to check out.

~ This website will be added to regularly so make sure to check back often ~

Student Health 101

Phillips Academy releases great articles pertaining to fitness, mind, food, academics, body, career, relationships, sleep, tech, and more.

This is the high school version written for student consumption - although parents can learn great stuff here too!

Raising Teens Today Blog

Ranked Top 30 Parenting Teens Websites

An excellent resource and a safe zone for parents of tweens, teens and young adults.

This article gives the basics of what vaping is, statistics of how common vaping is among our youth, and what to look out for as parents.

~ More helpful reads coming soon ~