WEBSITE: homework

HOMEWORK Math homework is assigned every day (with few exceptions). Unfinished classwork must be completed as homework. Each assignment is graded on a 5-point scale based on effort, completion, and accuracy. Graph paper is required for all assignments, unless a worksheet is provided. Only neat work, done in pencil, will be accepted. Be sure to follow the Math Department Homework & Assignment Policy!

LATE WORK Homework needs to be turned in on time. Students are preparing to transition to high school and developing consistent work habits is an important component of that preparation. There will be two late passes per semester to be used at the student’s discretion.

ABSENT WORK Students are allowed one day of make-up time for each day absent. Guidelines for completing and submitting absent work are posted by the front door of the classroom. Students are responsible for reading the assignment calendar and Absent Work Guidelines. Students can also access the HW calendar and download worksheets online.

EXTRA HELP A few opportunities for students in need of additional help:

  • Schedule a meeting with Miss Weighall during SSRW Tuesday through Friday;
  • Attend the RVMS sponsored Homework Club Tuesday and Thursday from 3:10pm-4:10pm;
  • Request a MCHS peer tutor (available through our counseling office);
  • Access the CPM Homework Help online: http://homework.cpm.org/cpm-homework