The St. Pius X sells Scrip or gift certificates to many local stores. By purchasing the certificates (SCRIP), you can reduce your tuition payments as well as directly support our school. Your dollar for dollar purchase will result in you receiving a percentage of your purchase as a tuition credit. In addition, a percentage of your purchase goes directly back to our school.

To order, simply enter in the quantity of cards you would like for each store. The totals will automatically fill in for you. Then print the form and send it along with a check for your total order into school. Or if it is easier you can print the current Scrip order form and manually fill it out and send along with your check into school. The completed order will be sent home with whatever child you list on the order form or it can be left in the Rectory for pick up during rectory hours.

Scrip rebates can be redeemed 3 times a year at the Home and School Meetings.

Beside the retail scrip program you can also purchase scrip for Giant, Acme, Shop Rite, Colonial Market and Swiss Farms at the rectory during business hours.

For questions please contact Leona Sawyer at: or 484-716-8621