El Español,Por que?

Why study Spanish?

Por lo mundial

Because it's worldwide

Spanish is the fourth most commonly spoken language in the wrold. You can visit any of 21 countries in the world that speak Spanish and feel at home. Even in the United States, knowing Spanish can open door to you.

Por lo bello

Because it's beautiful

You'll be amazed to discover how rich the Spanish/speaking world is in works of music, literature, science, religion and art. The novels of Miguel de Cervantes or Isabel allende, the paintings of Fernando Botero or Frida Kahlo, the poetry of Gabreiala Mistral or Pablo Neruda: all those treasures and many more wait you as you explore the Spanish-speaking world.

Por lo practico

Because It's Practical

You're living in a country with fifth-largets Hispanic population in the world, more than 33 million people. And wether they're originally from Mexicp, Puerto rico, or Cuba - or from any other part of Latin America or Spain-almost nine of ten are Spanish Speakers.

En fin, por que Sí

Finally, just because...

The best reason of all to study Spanish is because you want to! So pat yourself on the back and join us in this wonderful world of learn Spanish together!