¡Bienvenidos! Me alegra mucho poder enseñarte español este año.

Google Classroom Codes:

  • 8th Grade Spanish Period 1: 3v3wii
  • 7th Grade Spanish Period 3: pfu7in
  • 8th Grade Spanish Period 5: o9kega


Assignments will be posted in the classroom each day. Please check for homework there and write it down in your 'binder reminder.' If you are absent, please turn in pending homework, take any missed quizzes/tests, and pick up missed assignments immediately upon your return. It's your responsibility to do this so do not wait for or expect the teacher to remind you. For extended absences, please contact me in advance if possible or by email.

A note on translators (online or human translators):

Online translators such as Google Translate and Spanishdict.com are very helpful tools, as are having friends or family members that speak Spanish. When used in the right way, these supports can help you to learn Spanish.

Students are expected to turn in original work at all times without the use of translation methods. You are to demonstrate the language that you have learned when submitting class assignments. Translators may be used to look up individual words in the same way a Spanish-English dictionary would be used, but must not be used for translating phrases, paragraphs, or otherwise.