Welcome to Math 8


You can reach me Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays through the following:

Email: jhong@spusd.net (best way to reach me)

Room: 106

Phone: (626) 441-5835 ext. 3106


I teach 8th grade math and really enjoy both the challenges and joys that come with teaching.
My goal as a math teacher is to help students become confident problem solvers inside and outside the classroom. To me, math is about exploring different methods and solutions and evaluating their effectiveness in solving problems.
I focus on presenting students with appropriate grade-level problems and giving many opportunities to work together and talk about their problem solving strategies. This in turn helps develop students' social skills that are so crucial for success in the work place while also helping students strengthen their math abilities.
We are a school and classroom that emphasizes the growth mindset, where effort and progress is celebrated, not just results. I strongly believe that all students are capable of learning and growing and I'm excited to see how much your child will achieve this year.