English 6H

Syllabus 2017/18

Course Syllabus

Sixth Grade Honors English

Teacher: Mr. Hilger

Room: 556

Website: https://sites.google.com/a/spusd.net/hilger/

Email: ehilger@spusd.net

Welcome to South Pasadena Middle School, and welcome to my class! We will spend our year together reading, writing, sharing thoughts and ideas, and having fun while we learn. Here is an outline of what you can expect from me, and some of my own expectations for you.

Instructional Materials

Listed below are some basic supplies and materials that you should bring to bring to each class:

Binder Reminder

Lined Paper

Pencil (sharpened)

Blue and/or black pen

Red pen or pencil for correcting

Homework (completed)

Reading book (your own choice!)

Composition book

We will be reading several novels throughout the year. Some of these books may be unfamiliar, and you may have read some others in previous years. Regardless, we will be taking a fresh look at them, and another perspective (or first-time encounter) will likely teach us something new. We are piloting, or testing, a new textbook curriculum during Quarters 2 and 3, so the novels are yet to be determined. I will notify you when each novel is introduced.

Class Expectations and Procedures

I have a few basic class rules. These rules cover respecting the teacher, other students, the classroom, and yourself. Breaking these rules may result in a warning, a phone call home, detention, or a referral to Mr. Yim.

• Be on time

• Do not interrupt the teacher or other classmates while they are talking

• If you want to talk, raise your hand

• Submit your work in a timely manner

• Keep your work area tidy

Grading Policy

Below is a breakdown of factors that will contribute to your grade in my class. I will announce extra credit assignments and special projects in class and on my website.

Weekly Quizzes (Vocabulary/Grammar): 20%

Weekly Vocabulary/Grammar Worksheets: 20%

Novel-based Projects: 20%

Final Essay/Forum Assignments: 30%

Class Participation/Homework: 10%

Assignment Make-Up Policy

All work is to be completed by the due date. If an assignment cannot be turned in on time due to an emergency, then you are responsible for bringing me a parent note on or before the due date in order to receive full credit. Late work will receive partial credit of up to one-half of the total point value.

You are responsible for all work/quizzes assigned if you are absent for any reason. I will extend the due date for you by the number of days that you are absent. If you are absent, you can take several actions to get that day’s assignments:

• Contact a reliable friend

• Email me (address is listed above and on my website)

• Check Google Classroom