Tiger Cub News


Back to School Night Message

Welcome to Tiger Cub News!

This is very exciting as you are an essential member of the first Tiger Cub news team. As a team you will pre-produce, write, produce, edit, and broadcast weekly shows that are newsworthy for the SPMS community. The shows will be available on a secure YouTube channel. There will be two broadcast teams and one special report team. The broadcast teams will produce and edit weekly news broadcasts. The special report team will produce and edit various news stories or human interest stories that the broadcast teams will use in their weekly shows.

The first month of the class will be a review of the newsroom, what is newsworthy, and editing on Adobe Premiere Pro. We will do various projects to get us ready for our own projects.

Structure of the Broadcast Teams

There will be two news teams whose responsibility is to pre-produce and produce the weekly shows. Each team will be responsible to produce a show every other week. On a team’s week off, they are to be pre-producing and helping the other team as needed. We are all one big news team!

Jobs for these teams are:

Director/Producer: Works with the rest of the news team in determining the set, graphics, music, stories, and order of stories. Is the only person who can call “cut”. Pulls the team together to get the project done on time.

Technical Directors (Tri-Caster): Operates the Tri-Caster. Gives suggestions to the Director in determining the set and graphics.

Audio Engineer: Operates the mixer. Works with the Tri-Caster in getting good audio. Sets up the microphones and puts them away when the shoot is over.

Floor-Director/Assistant Director: is the time-keeper. Helps the director get the project done on time. Says, “Quiet on the set…”

Teleprompter Operator: Operates the teleprompter. Works with the anchor(s) and writers so that the script is read smoothly.

Script Supervisor: Takes detailed notes on each take. This will help the editor.

Camera/Lighting: Turns on the camera and lights. Makes sure that the lights are set properly. Makes sure that the green screen is lit properly. Makes sure that the shot is clean so that the Tri-Caster can get a good key. Turns off the camera and lights after the shoot is over.

Editor(s): Uses Adobe Premiere-Pro to edit and properly save each episode. Finalizes each episode as H.264/YouTube 1080p

Anchor(s)/Reporter(s): Read and present the news stories. They could be in the studio or reporting from the field.

Writer(s): Write individual stories for the news broadcast, or write questions for a news segment.

Special Report News Team

This is a special team that will do long-term reporting and stories that are newsworthy, but not timely: i.e. a teacher feature or story about a particular class/program. People on this team will work closely planning, writing, producing, and editing their segments. They will also work with the News Team Director(s) to see when their segment will be aired.


You will be graded on your effort and participation. The projects in this class are for you and the rest of the school. You should take pride in your work and therefore put the maximum effort into every project. I expect that you will pull weight, be a good team-member, and step up to help out when needed.