Mr. Aispuro Math 2023-2024  (Preferred) 

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Hi Kiddos!  Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year!

A little about how our classroom is going to work this year...

We will be using Google Classroom as our primary platform for updates, class business and homework assignments.  You will be invited to our class automatically as you are enrolled.  Any Google Forms or PDFs that are assigned as homework can be accessed through Google Classroom. Login for Google Classroom will utilize your school assigned gmail account.

We will also be using Khan Academy this year.  Just as in Google Classroom, your school gmail account will be used to automatically enroll you into Khan Academy.  Simply use your school gmail account to login to Khan Academy for the weekly exercises.

Aispuro Math

A little about Mr. Aispuro...

I graduated from Claremont Pomona College in 2003 with a Bachelors in Economics and Mathematics. Go Sagehens! My wife and I met in a Differential Equations class here!

I graduated from University of California Santa Cruz in 2005 with a Masters in Mathematical Education.

I have two boys, Ethan (13) and Calvin (10), with my wonderful wife Veronica. My wife also likes math and has a PhD in Statistics from UC Riverside.

I started teaching in 2006 and have been doing it ever since.  

I've been working at South Pasadena Middle School since 2008.

I've been teaching 8th grade exclusively for 17 years and also coach the 8th grade Math Team. Go Tiger Cubs!