Summer 2017 Teen Production

Teens Take the Stage for SPTG

July 21-23 Sauk Prairie teens will take the stage at the Leahy Theatre at Sauk Prairie High School. The Sauk Prairie Theatre Guild (SPTG) is the presenting organization.

Directed by Ryan Drager, a recent SPHS graduate and a “veteran” performer with the High School drama department and SPTG, and assisted by Garrick Hartley, a junior and also a frequent and accomplished performer at SPHS, plan an evening of short plays. Costuming Director is Georgia Haake.

Teen actors are Emma Kenyon, Haden Haas, Beth Berglund, James Berglund, Nichole Doolittle, Katie Hellenbrand, Garrick Hartley and Jordan Small.

The three plays to be performed are Twitch, 3 AM Wake-up Call, and Bank Withdrawal Symptoms. The troupe has been in rehearsal since mid-June.

3 AM Wake-up Call by E. R. Schultz is the story of Bob who has just been called to an empty parking lot at three in the morning by his friend Bill. Bill has had himself one wild evening and the more Bob (and the audience) learns about Bill's exploits the more comedy ensues.

Bank Withdrawal Symptoms by Jim Gustafson demonstrates that robbing a bank is hard enough, and it doesn’t get any easier when the lobby is filled with congenial customers. Bank thief Marcus has his hands full when side issues and conversations among the victims keep interrupting his robbery.

Twitch, by Stephen Gregg , is the story of Nancy and Don, a young married couple. Nancy thinks the new neighbors are creepy. She thinks they're watching them. Don thinks she's imagining things. But why did the new neighbors cut down the tree between their houses? Why does Nancy keep running into them all over town? And what happened to the previous neighbors, the Filkersons, who vanished overnight with no warning? The doorbell rings. There stand Emma and Aiden, the new neighbors, who are every bit as strange as Nancy said they would be. Now Don and Nancy are torn between wanting to find out who they are and wanting to get rid of them. But that won't be easy, because Emma and Aiden have an agenda of their own, and it's stranger than anyone could have imagined.

These plays will be performed July 21-23 at the Leahy Theatre at Sauk Prairie High School. July 21 and 22 the play will begin at 7:00 pm and July 23 at 2 pm. Tickets may be purchased at the River Arts on Water Gallery or at the door.

Tickets in advance: $6 students/seniors, $8 for adults;

Tickets at the door: $8 for student/seniors and $10 for adults.

Tickets will not be for sale on-line for this performance.