Production News

Sauk Prairie Theatre Guild is proud to announce the performance for their brand new adaptation of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Sauk Prairie resident Rauel LaBreche has developed this new version with the help of other members of the Theatre Guild’s Board of Directors. Mr. LaBreche, has an MFA in Stage Direction from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and has always wanted to produce a new version of this work that is hopefully truer to Dickens’ form and language than has ever been done on stage before.

The production includes a large number of roles for both children and adults. Mr. LaBreche intends to “pull out the stops” with lighting, special effects and custom video pieces to help drive the original intent of the story. “We are working hard to integrate as much of Dickens’ original prose by using a series of narrators so that the powerful word pictures and wry humor of the original work is maintained,” says LaBreche. The piece will also feature period Christmas carols performed by a live band and Dickens period carolers. Music Director Marita Kelter will be teaching the cast carols that are historically representative of early 19th century England.

Rehearsals will be throughout October and November with 4 performances during the first weekend in December.

​This production of A Christmas Carol ​is ​supported ​in ​part ​by ​a ​grant ​from ​the ​Sauk County ​UW ​Extension, ​Arts, ​& ​Culture ​Committee, ​Wisconsin ​Arts ​Board ​with ​funds from ​the ​State ​of ​Wisconsin ​and ​the ​National ​Endowment ​for ​the ​Arts.