Saint Bernadette Program

at Saints Philip and James School

About the Program

Our new program will facilitate the needs of students struggling with math and reading. Our certified special education teachers will provide both one-on-one and classroom assistance to ensure your student's academic success.

Mrs. Audrey Nelson

Provides services for students to enhance learning; using strategies and tools to adapt to their learning style.

Dr. Cindy Pope

Provides in-class support within the general education classroom to aid in differentiated instruction and target specific interventions as needed.

Strategies and Tools

  1. Small Groups

  2. Classroom Centers

  3. Different levels of books and materials

  4. Blended Specialized Instruction

  5. Provide Study Guides for students as needed

  6. Timers

  7. Visuals

  8. Math Manipulatives

  9. Reward System

Small Groups

Forming small groups of two to three students according to their level to help with personalized teaching.

Classroom Centers

Creating classroom centers as an effective way students are grouped. Each center will specialize in one area or level.

Different levels of Books and Materials

Different levels of text books and materials will be provided for each subject to meet the reading level of each student. Classes will be structured in a way that caters to the student's level of functioning.

Blended Specialized Instruction

Reading strategies, the basics of math, organizing writing ideas, and scientific theory are examples of general concepts used to support what each student is learning in that area to support greater achievment.

Provide study guides for Students

Study guides can be provided for each subject prior to a test, based on written accommodations for the student.


Timers will be used for transition from different activities to help students stay on task, and to promote independence.


To assist students struggling with expressing language, objects, photographs, and drawings will be used during instruction.

Math Manipulatives

The use of manipulatives will provide a way for students to learn concepts through developmentally appropriate hands- on experience.

Reward System

A positive reinforcement to put students back on track; students will be rewarded for good behavior and for stimulating learning.