6th Grade Homework

Mr. Harmon - ELA/SS

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Week of 6/10=6/14

Language Arts: We'll finish tone and mood by creating movie trailers.

Social Studies: Ancient Rome! We'll cram in everything we can in our last full week of school.

Mr. Heffernan - Math/ELA

WEEK OF: April 8

Math P1 and P2:

  • Due Tuesday: homework #87a: Odd # rows and questions on both sides of handout about adding/subtracting mixed numbers.
  • Due Wednesday: homework #88b: Even # rows and questions on both sides of handout.

LA P4 and P5:

  • This week we will finish a poetry writing assignment and a point-of-view movie activity.

Mrs. Pitt - Science

20 May - 24 May

We ended last week and began this week with Darwin's finches. Students collected and recorded data while being a bird eating food. We had scissor, spoon, clothes pin, and binder clip beak birds eating paper clips, macaroni, rubber bands, and tooth picks. We will complete a graph of data as well as a comparison reflection to analyze the data regarding which bird species was likely to survive and which food was the most accessible. Students use their data as supporting evidence for their thesis statements. The graph and reflection will be completed on Tuesday and Thursday, both NWEA testing days as shorter class periods.

Wednesday we will investigate what benthic bugs are and what their presence tells us about a water body. This in preparation for next week's field trip to release trout fry at Trout Brook Nature Area. We will also visit the Water Resource Facility on Waterman Drive next week. So, this Friday we have guest speaker, Fred Dillon, SoPo's Stormwater Coordinator visiting to preview a city's care of the water cycle due to human impact.

Mr. Risbara - Math/Science - Website

Week of April 29th

SCI: As part of our investigation in what is happening at Loon Lake, on Monday we will be testing water samples of multiple lakes and analyzing the results to determine water quality. We'll also analyze texts to hypothesize about previous animal populations at the lake.

Expect homework if you do not finish in-class activities!

MATH: Last Friday, we took a summative on Adding/Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers. This week, we'll be starting with multiplying fractions and mixed numbers, specifically how to use a model to represent the product of two fractions. We'll also be spending time doing summative corrections and retakes.

Expect homework Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday night this week.

Mrs. Woodbury - ELA/SS - Website

Week of April 22 to April 26:

Social Studies: This week we continue our unit on major belief systems around the world. We learned about the roots of Hinduism and Buddhism in India, and then returned to the Fertile Crescent to study the oldest major monotheistic religion, Judaism. Prior to vacation, we examined the growth of Christianity during a time of unrest and decline in ancient Rome. This week we look at the history of Islam, its core beliefs and how it compares to the two other monotheistic religions.

Overall, this unit looks at what the major religions have in common and in what major ways do they differ?

ELT: Understands the major belief systems of the world and how they impacted societies.


Language Arts:

This week we turn to understanding how tone and mood are established by figurative language in poetry. We'll analyze several poems, noticing author's craft and how it contributes to tone. We'll memorize the classic ballad, Casey at the Bat, "the immortal ballad of a flailing 19th century baseball star", and perform the poem as a class. Students will also write their own poetry.

HOMEWORK: Make sure your adverb IXL assignments are finished.

Mrs. Gott - ELA/Read180


Week of May 13:

Students will be learning about and analyzing 5 different text structures in nonfiction text. We will learn the difference between text structure in fiction and nonfiction, and how recognizing text structure will help us understand the reading. Students will be reading various nonfiction text to analyze for text structure and will be writing in the 5 different text structures. Expect some homework this week as work will be started during class time, but may need to be finished outside of class. Students will also take the last reading benchmark test and graph their growth for the year.

**This is the last quarter of the school year. It is a busy time of year with Spring activities, nice weather, and school work. I will be working with students to help them organize their time so they can complete their work and meet due dates.