6th Grade Homework

Mr. Harmon - ELA/SS

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Week of 1/22-1/25

Language Arts: This week we will continue Blizzard unit. You should be done reading the book. We'll review on Tuesday, then on Wednesday we'll start working on our ABC books.

Social Studies: We will continue our culture literature unit. Be sure to look at your calendar to know what your nightly assignments are. It's different for every book! Also, be reading for daily written work on the previous night's reading.

Mr. Heffernan - ELA/Math

Week of Jan. 14 thru 18

ELA: We are creating, sharing and reacting to poems to further explore the ELT of understanding and identifying tone and mood within writings.

Due Wednesday: Read and analyze Scope debate letters to find the central idea, supporting evidence, counter argument and rebuttal in each letter.

Due Friday: Your "response letter" as "Principal Rodriguez" to students in as professional, thoughtful and respectful tone as you can with your best explanation of whatever decision you make.

MATH: We are focusing on skills and understandings to do with understanding and describing ratios.

Due Tuesday: homework #52 = u2; L10 "Comparing Situations" handout.

Due Wednesday: homework #53 = u2; L11 "Representing ratios with tables" handout.

Due Thursday: homework #54 = u2;L11 2nd "Representing ratios with tables" handout.

Due Friday: homework #55 = u2: L12 "Navigating a table of ratios" handout.

Mrs. Pitt - Science

14 - 18 January

Monday we are building a bracelet of beads. Modeling a water droplet traveling to nine locations (atmosphere, ocean, lake, river, plant, animal, glacier, soil, and groundwater) students learn the hydrologic cycle first hand. Tuesday we are using models again to demonstrate the answers to the questions: How much water covers the Earth? How much of that water is fresh? Wednesday we have a guest speaker Carina Brown from the Portland Water District visiting to teach us a lesson titled Healthy Water. We will answer the questions: What is healthy water? What factors cause water quality to decline? Thursday will be a work day to catch up with our week's lessons. Friday we will end the week with another Portland Water District lesson titled Water Worries. We will be learning about the major water pollutants and solutions to preventing the pollution in the first place. Our deadline for our final EPA letter will be due Friday, 25 January.

Mr. Risbara - Math/Science - Website

Week of January 14th

SCI: Because of the weird week last week, I extended the due date of the Ecoscenario project to Wednesday. The rest of the week we will be doing some activities provided by Portland Water District!

MATH: Monday we will have a formative over the last set of lessons for Unit 2. We'll spend a few days reviewing and studying for the end-of-unit assessment. Reminder that the Ratio Learning Menu (IXL Skills only!) is due this Friday!

Expect homework Monday night, Tuesday night, and Thursday night this week. Continue working on Ratio Learning Menu during workshop.

Mrs. Woodbury - ELA/SS - Website

Week of January 14-18:

Social Studies: We continue to study Ancient Egypt focusing this week on Egyptian culture and belief systems. How did Egyptian culture influence ours? In what way was it the same and how was it different? How were their beliefs about death connected to the pyramids? Students will do a mini research project on an Egyptian pyramid or Egyptian god of their choice.

HOMEWORK this week:

1. Complete your ancient Egyptian tomb in color with 4 things you would take to the afterlife.

2. IXL: SS C.1 The Old Kingdom Level H. Do half

3. IXL: SS C.2 Egyptian Religion Level H. Do half


Language Arts:

We'll read chapters 5-8 in a Mango Shaped Space focusing on how Mia evolves and changes as she faces the challenges and joys of her synesthesia. We'll also examine how the author's rhetoric influences how we feel about the characters and events in the novel.

On Friday and Tuesday we'll be immersed in a creative writing unit that Mrs. Gay and I developed. Students will have completed their slam, blackout or cento poetry this week. On Friday we'll turn to opinion writing in the form of or a letter to the editor, superintendent or principal.

HOMEWORK: DUE Wed, Jan 23: CH 9 and 10 in A Mango Shaped Space: Write 2 thoughts and a question for each chapter.

Mrs. Gott - ELA/Read180

WEEK of January 22:


  • How story elements such as setting, plot, conflict, and character shape a plot line
  • How and Why characters change over the course of a story
  • Tone and mood established by figurative language
  • Using precise words, word choice, descriptive language

ELA: This week is a short week. We will continue reading and discussing Number The Stars. In addition we will be concentrating on writing using ideas and themes from the novel. Students will learn about Diamante Poetry and try to write a few of their own comparing and contrasting two different characters from the book. Students will follow the writing process during this work and eventually end up with a polished, final copy of their poems.

We will continue to work in the READ 180 program getting ready for the next reading benchmark test next week. I'm pleased with the gains I have seen with all students so far in the READ 180 program. Keep up the hard work!

HOMEWORK: Have your planners in class so you can record reading assignments for the week. It will all depend on what we can accomplish in class this week.

Continue reading for at least 20 minutes a day a book of your choice.