Clover 1

We are going to have a fun filled year in the Clover 1 Class! We will be learning many wonderful Catholic prayers, our letters (upper and lowercase) with the help of The Letter People, and reading lots of fun stories. We will be doing math activities, singing new songs, and conducting fun science experiments. We will spend plenty of time outside and of course, make lots of new friends!

Our Clover 1 Class will once again have specials this year! The children will have Art, Computer, Gym, Library, and Music. We will keep the Clovers very busy!

We are off to a great start to our new school year!

Teacher Mission Statement

My mission statement as a teacher is to make each child in

my classroom feel safe and loved. I want each child to

embrace the unique gifts that God has given them. I will

strive to help each child find wonder in all the new concepts

that they encounter in my classroom. I will model kindness

and compassion toward others. I wish to instill a lifetime

love of learning in my students.

Clover 1 Classroom Mission Statement

To love God,

be kind to each other,

learn new things,

and always make good choices.