Spaulding General Music

Welcome to Spaulding's General Music Page!

Students in Kindergarten and 1st grade attend music once a week for 40 minutes.

Our second grade students attend music class and chorus each week for a total of 80 minutes.

Four year olds in our PreK program attend music once a week for 20 minutes.

The Core Standards for Music Education can be found at:


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Pre-K Music in april

Children's Literature with musical themes!

We're getting so good at singing our "Time For Music" song and playing rhythm instruments only when it's the proper time to play that we've added some words and instruments!

Turn your body once around

Jump up high

Now touch the ground

How many beats can be found?

Let's all clap to the tambourine sound.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Kindergarten music in april

This month our Kindergarten musicians will be learning the story of Peter and the Wolf! This classic tale for children inspires the imagination and helps young children begin to listen for instruments that they associate with the characters in the story.

connecting music to ELA

In March Kindergarten students will be reading several Peter and the Wolf books. We will compare the illustrators and discuss why the pictures and small details in the story may differ. We'll watch Peter and the Wolf videos and even become illustrators using our own imaginations. There are several books in our Library Media Center for students to check out.





wolf=french horn

hunters=timpani or kettle drums


First grade music in April

The Woodwind family

First graders are finishing up a unit about the woodwind family.

We learned about so many woodwinds!




bass clarinet







We even learned how to make our own reeds!


In April and May we'll be practicing our time signatures and using math to tell the number of beats in each measure!

New songs

In May we'll be learning all about the string family! Each student will be to try a violin, a cello, a banjo and maybe more! Everyone already got to play Mrs. J's harp. We will continue to create our orchestra books to bring home.

second grade music in april


Some of our 2nd graders are participating in One Voice through Expanding Horizons at McAlister.

This is a great opportunity for them to sing with older peers and see what the music program will be like next year. They'll be putting on an informal concert for their families in May.

Our 2nd grade musicians have begun combining all of the elements of music to create and perform.

The creating process includes higher level thinking. Students must include a time signature, treble clef, pitches on the staff, dynamics, and tempo markings.

These activities demonstrate how well a students follows directions, participates appropriately, and works cooperatively with peers.

They also allow students to perform and respond as real musicians would.

We begin to put real musician names to some of the elements of music such as melody, rhythm, harmony, and tempo. In March we added Harmony to our list. And in April we added timbre. We also learned that Largo means slow and Allegro means fast. We've been practicing Binary form in many ways. We've created binary form, responded to listening examples or moved to binary music, and identified binary form in songs we're learning.

Second graders who want to participate in our Music Club can sign up during the school day and attend right after lunch on Mondays.