7th and 8th Grade Band

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News and Announcements

Regional Audition Results Are In

Congratulations to all who auditioned! Four seventh and eighth graders were selected to perform with the CMEA Northern Region Band or Orchestra on March 24th at Wethersfield High School. Rehearsals will take place on March 23rd and 24th, also at Wethersfield High School.

Concert Update

Congratulations everyone on a great Winter Concert! The Spring Concert is on May 31st, 2018.

Resources and Fingering Charts

Spring Concert Music

The Spring Concert is Thursday, May 31st.

Online Metronome This metronome is available online for free and can be used from any device.

Online Tuner This tuner will help you set your instrument in tune at the beginning of your practice session.

Online Voice Recorder is the preferred method for submitting practice recordings, and is also helpful for self-assessment. Works with any device with a microphone.

JW Pepper has recordings of almost every band song imaginable.

Other Tuners and metronomes are available for download on the Apple App store or GooglePlay for Android.

Fingering Charts


Clarinet and Bass Clarinet

Alto, Tenor, and Bari Saxophones

Trumpet and Baritone TC

French Horn (Single and Double)


F Trigger Trombone

Baritone BC


8th Grade

La Madre de los Gatos By Brian Beck

Joy by Frank Ticheli celebrates the feeling of pure Joy.

The Lullaby in the Mirror by Richard Saucedo was written to celebrate the United Sound Organization, which provides performance opportunities for new musicians with special needs. The piece celebrates new and young musicians seeing themselves as successful performers for the first time.

Moscow, 1941 by Brian Balmages, is based on the famous Russian folk song Meadowlands. It tells the story of the Red Army successfully fending off British invasion in World War II.

7th Grade

Groovee! By Richard Saucedo is based on a simple Groove in the key of g minor.

Korean Folk Rhapsody By James Curnow is based on the famous Korean Folk Song Ariang, and features a wide variety of percussion sound effects and unique harmonies.

Arabian Dances! By Randall Barrett explores middle-eastern sounds, and tells the story of a camp celebration after a long day trekking through the desert.

Recommended Retailers


Gerry's Music Shop in South Hadley, MA, sells and stocks a wide variety of instruments and accessories. They also rent and repair instruments. A representative visits the school each Friday to pick up and drop off supplies. Please call the store ahead of time to arrange for instrument or supply pick up or drop off.


Music and Arts sells a wide variety of accessories and instruments. They also rent instruments and have a reputable instrument repair technician located in East Hartford. A representative from Music and Arts visits the school each Thursday. Please call the store ahead of time to arrange for instrument or supply pick up or drop off.


Elite Woodwind Services in Newington, Connecticut, is a professional instrument repair business for woodwind and brass instruments.


Questions or Concerns? Email Mr. Killian at ckillian@suffield.org