Mr. Gragg's

U.S. Government/Civics


I am very excited about working with your student for the 2020-2021 academic year. It is going to be a very busy and unprecedented year. This is my first year in Seminole and I come here after working for the Oklahoma State Department of Education and teaching in the Mid-Del school district. I expect a lot from my students and know this year will be no different as we explore the concepts of Government together. I will hold them to these high expectations in both learning and behavior.

Attached you will find the course syllabus and my contact information at the top. Please make sure to keep that in case you ever need to discuss anything with me. I do want to let you know while my primary responsibility is serving the entire district in regard to Instructional Technology, the students in this course will receive my full focus and attention.

Your student’s first 100-point grade in this class is completing the signed portion of this packet that follows the Rules of Civility. This is to be signed by you and your student. By signing it, you are saying that you have read and understand the syllabus.

The second 100-point grade for this semester will be returning the signed portion stating that you have both read and understood the attached Rules of Civility. Throughout the year we will be discussing material that could be controversial and this is to ensure we do so in a way that fosters community and civility.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to the rest of the school year.


Mr. Matthew Todd Gragg

Seminole Public Schools

(405) 382-5085 ext. 612