Strength Training & Bodywork

with Erin Eichenberger

Hi, I'm Erin.

I'm here to guide you compassionately and courageously into a more loving and embodied experience of your own personal human strength potential. It took me a long time to find strength training as a powerful healing modality but, over 10 years of my own journey as a trainer and a healer, I have learned how to use strength training to discover inner strength, natural wisdom, balance and unmatched resilience of the human body. 

I have studied a variety of healing modalities, including mindfulness meditation, energy healing, kundalini yoga, pranayama breathwork, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, therapeutic deep tissue massage, yoga and more. Because I have explored these awareness-based practices so deeply, I have discovered that the most powerful tool I can teach you is how to integrate them into a strength training practice. With this model, you will effectively and efficiently spring into action and perform powerful and freeing feats of strength.

No matter your genetic makeup, your past life experience, what you have been told you can and can't do -- there is a beautiful potential inside of you just waiting to be seen and encouraged to be the ultimate version of YOU!