Springville Middle

Mrs. Jaeger


The young artists in the SGI Art program will be exposed to a variety of artists and artwork from different cultures and time periods. They will make observations, question ideas, compare and contrast artists and artwork, and share thoughts and ideas about what they see and learn. They will dig deeper into the Elements and Principles of Art, which will foster in-depth discussion and more thoughtful creation of their artwork. The students will work with a variety of mediums and produce artwork that develops their knowledge and appreciation of art while exploring those new art materials and techniques. All units, concepts, and lessons incorporate other core subject areas and are designed to build on the previous year’s Art experience, as well as bridge the learning experiences that occur from the Elementary to the High School levels.


Those students who shine in the Art room because they are creative, collaborative, responsible, respectful and hardworking.

The following student artists have been recognized for those positive traits during this school year:

Raelynn Kreutter, Kaden Jermain, Andreya Hitchcock, Harley Maloy, Arianna Smith, Josh Sullivan, Riley Ballantyne, Maria Rumfola, Jaiden Klahn & Zachary Scime.

Visual Art Portfolios

Each student maintains his/her own electronic art portfolio which is saved on the student's individual Google drive.

Ask your child to show you their portfolio!