Physical Education

Mr. Szczerbacki

As an educator it is my desire to teach every student the essential skills that are necessary to become a successful individual. By creating a motivational and challenging program, I encourage my students to discover and develop their physical and mental abilities and strive to reach their potential goals.


SNEAKERS: Sneakers that tie or velcro are best because they provide good support for the feet. Slip-ons, zippers, etc. can be a hazard in the gym. They stretch and fall off and do not provide good support for physical activity.

JEWLERY: Jewlery may not be worn during PE. No watches, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets of any kind. Jewlery presents a safety hazard not only for your child but also to his/her classmates.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLOTHES: Students in grades K-3 are asked to wear comfortable clothes for PE class. Please try to avoid dresses and skirts on PE days.

GRADES 4 & 5: Students in grades 4 and 5 must change for physical education class! Students will hgave lockers assigned to them. They will be able to leave PE clothes in lockers, but will be encouraged to take clothes home periodically to be washed. Deodorant, a comb or brush are also suggested.

In the spring and fall we may go outside for PE, students may want to keep an old sweatshirt in their lockers for theses days.

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