Art @ Home

Final Week

Congratulations, I am so proud of all the hard work that has been completed at home over the past few weeks. This week there are no new art assignments. Please use this time as an opportunity to catch up on any assignments that were missed over the course of distance learning. We will be hosting a virtual Tug of War this Wednesday on google meets. This will be the final event for green and white points, please make sure to log onto the meet at your assigned time. You should be so proud of the work that you have accomplished over the last few months, have a wonderful summer and keep making beautiful art. - Miss Marino

Details For Wednesday's TUg of War

Green and White Event - “Virtual Tug-of-War”

  • Each grade (2-8) will receive a time slot and link for Wednesday where they will need to log into a google meet.

  • Ms. Kelly will be posting the Tug of War for grades K-1 through “Flipgrid.”

  • The schedule for each grade is listed below. Just click the link below during your scheduled time slot to earn points.

  • The more students that join the google meet, the more points your team will receive. YOU DON’T HAVE TO STAY THE WHOLE TIME.

  • Each student that joins is worth 5 POINTS!

Here is the Schedule for Wednesday June 17th:

2nd Grade - Time: 12:00 - 12:10 Meet Code:

3rd Grade - Time: 12:15 - 12:25 Meet Code:

4th Grade - Time: 12:15 - 12:25 Meet Code:

5th Grade - Time: 12:15 - 12:25 Meet Code:

6th Grade - Time: 12:30 - 12:40 Meet Code:

7th Grade - Time: 12:30 - 12:40 Meet Code:

8th Grade - Time: 12:30 - 12:40 Meet Code:

Check out art classes every Friday with local artists, brought to you by Guild Hall

Here are some great online art games for kids

Plans from Weeks Past

Green & White Month

Week 2: June 8-12

Each year Springs School celebrates school spirit with green and white day, a day filled with fun, games, and a little competition. This year the special area classes have teamed up to host Green and White Month! Students have been divided, by grade, into two teams. Each assignment completed in a special area (Art, Music, PE, Library, Science and STEAM) will earn points towards your team! Check out your assignment for this week below. Have fun, get creative, and show your Springs School Spirit!

Kindergarten & First Grade

Are you team white or team green? Create a poster showing your Springs School Spirt and cheering on your team!! Each poster sent to me will earn your team 5 points!

Second & Third Grade

Sports teams and athletes are well known by the jerseys they wear. Design a jersey that you would want to wear during Green and White day. Make sure to include "Springs School" somewhere on the Jersey. It should be clear to understand if you are on the Green Team or the White Team! For each jersey design I receive, I will award your team 5 points!

Fourth & Fifth Grade

Green & White is all about showing pride for your school. This week your green and white challenge is to design a new logo for springs school. What is a logo? A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbols used to identify a company, organization, product, or brand.

Some things to remember when creating your logo:

  • Our colors are green & white

  • Our school mascot is the osprey

Have fun, and get creative. Each drawing sent to me will earn your team 5 points!

Green & white Month June 1- June 5

Kindergarten & First Grade

This week, as we kick of Green and White Month, I would like you to draw a picture of your favorite thing about springs school. Is it a person? A place in school? Something from your classroom? Draw a picture of it and complete the sentence "My favorite thing about Springs School is_____________." Send me a picture of your work, Or post it to your class flip grid and earn 5 points for your team!

Second & Third Grade

Today marks the start of Green and White Month, you will be completing assignments to earn points in all of your special areas. This week I would like you to design a trophy that you think should be given to the winning team. Remember to include details like our school colors & school name. I cannot wait to see what you come up with, each drawing emailed to me will earn your team 5 points!

Fourth & Fifith Grade

Pennants are triangular flags used to show school spirit. As we kick off Green and White month I would like you to design a pennant to represent Springs School. Start with a sideways triangle. Your design should have our school name and colors somewhere on it. Be sure to email me a photo of your artwork to earn 5 points for your team!

May 26- May 29 Catch up week!

This week we are providing students with an opportunity to catch up on any missed distance learning assignments.

Kindergarten - 4th Grade:

All of your distance learning assignments can be found right here on my website. Scroll down to check out all of your past assignments!

5th-8th Grade

Please visit your Art Google Classrooms to see your past assignments!

All Caught up?

If you are all caught up on assignments, you can always visit one of the sites listed below to create an art project of your own at home!

Another fabulous at home art idea is brought to you by our very own Springs School Students. Four of our students have teamed up with their moms to decorate rocks and place them all over our town. Maybe you have seen one while out enjoying fresh air? The rocks contain positive and funny messages to help keep people happy during these unfamiliar times.

Create a rock of your own and place is somewhere around springs to brighten the day of others!

You can read more about their project here

Plans for May 18 - MAy 22

Kindergarten- Color Scavenger Hunt

See if you can go around your house and collect one item for each color in the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. I will check in on flip grid to hear and see what you found!

First Grade- Patterned Beachballs

Last week we discussed pattern and design. This week we are designing fun beachballs. Use summer themed pictures to decorate your beachball! Follow the steps below to create your drawing!

Second Grade- Underwater Adventure

Remember when we made our underground drawings earlier this year? This time we are diving down under the sea! Follow the steps and create a drawing that takes place under the sea. Add any details you want!

Third Grade- Letter Designs

Using the FIRST LETTER of YOUR first name, create a work of art that incorporates your letter. You can see my example below. I used L because my name begins with L, but you should use the letter your name starts with.

Fourth Grade- Overlapping COlor Mixing

We will be overlapping circles and mixing colors. You will need two different sized circles to trace, red, yellow, blue, green, purple and orange markers OR crayons.

Follow the steps below

Plans from May 11 - MAy 15


If you could have any super power what would it be? Draw a picture with you and your super power. I will see you on Flipgrid to hear all about it!

First Grade

We are making Silly Snails! Follow the steps and use your knowledge of pattern to create fun, colorful, silly, snails.

Second Grade

Map Making! Is there a place you love to hang out at your house? Draw a map to show me how you get to your favorite place. It could be somewhere in your house or in your yard. My favorite place is a little walk down my driveway to the beach!

Third Grade

Make your own scratch art! This week you are learning the process of making scratch art. Follow the steps to create your scratch art paper, then scratch out any design or picture you'd like.

Fourth Grade

Optical Illusion Letters.

You will need two colors (markers or crayons), a piece of paper, and a ruler (or straight edge) for this project.

Use the first letter of your first or last name!

Plans From May 4 -May 8


Professional Portraits

From a young age, I always knew I wanted to be an art teacher. My question for you this week is, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Draw me a picture of you in your dream job. I will check in on flip grid to hear all about your drawing and find out what you want to be when you grow up!

First Grade

Shape Robots

We have studied all different types of shapes and lines over the last two years. Using shapes and lines draw a robot. Start with a few squares and rectangles for the head, neck, body, and legs. Curved lines and half circles can be used to add arms and hands. Don't forget to add shapes to create details and color! Follow the steps below, and share you finished drawing with me by emailing me a copy.

Second Grade

There are so many beautiful flowers popping up outside. This week were drawing a vase of flowers. Follow the steps below to draw a vase, add flowers, and finish with details! Share your finished masterpiece with me by emailing me a photo!

Third Grade

Our days have looked a little different since we have been home from school. One thing I have really been enjoying is watching all the trees and flowers bloom outside my windows. I also have a few baby bunnies that I love watching along with all the birds that come to my feeder. This week I want you to draw YOUR VIEW outside your windows. What do you see when you look out? Pick any window in your house. Start with a rectangle, add the inside details of your window, then show me the view you see. Be sure to add color! Email me your work when you are finished!

Fourth Grade

This week we will continue our two week project! Please make sure you take your time and create a drawing or painting that is developed with a lot of detail. Last week, you were asked to draw a pencil outline of a local landmark. This week please add color and final detail. You may use what ever you want to color your art! I cannot wait to see your finished projects.

Plans for April 27- MAy 1


This Friday, May 1st we are having a Spirit Meet Parade. Teachers and Springs School Staff will be driving through Springs to say hello, from afar! This week your assignment is to make a sign or poster to hold up for when the parade passes by you! Think of a message you want to share with your teachers, write it big, and decorate it! I look forward to seeing them on flipgrid, and seeing all of you as I drive by in the parade!

First Grade

Birdhouses! Follow the steps to draw a birdhouse. Decorate it any way you'd like. If you still have your cut out bird from two weeks ago, you can glue it on your picture!

Start by drawing two diagonal lines that meet in a point

Draw a line on each side to the bottom of the paper. Connect the bottom with a straight line

Add two circles a big one in the middle and a tiny one underneath it

Decorate your Birdhouse any way you like!

If you still have the bird you made, or want to make another, you can add it to your artwork!

Second Grade

This week we are making Safari Sunset Silhouettes. Giraffes and elephants work best for this project, since they have a recognizable shadow. I used Crayons and watercolor paints for this project, but you can use anything you have around the house. Follow the steps to create your safari sunset silhouette!

Start with a ground line

Draw an outline of a giraffe or an elephant

Color in your animal with a black crayon, bold, solid, and juicy.

Paint a sunset in the background with yellow, orange, and red. If you used Crayon you can use watercolor to paint right over the animal and it wont cover up your drawing!

Third Grade

If you found a genie lamp and got only one wish what would it be? This week we are drawing genie lamps and wishes! follow the steps to draw a lamp and then write or draw your wish! Be sure to email your finished work to me!

Fourth Grade

This week we will begin a two week project! Please make sure you take your time and create a drawing or painting that is developed with a lot of detail. You should work on this project for a half an hour this week, and a half hour next week. The topic of your project is local landmarks. Think about places that the East End is known for. Some examples include, the Montauk Lighthouse, Hook Mill in East Hampton, Ashawagh Hall, Cedar Point Lighthouse. You can use one of those, or research your own local landmark. Use your chrome book to find a picture of your landmark. This week focus on making a pencil drawing. Next week you can focus on adding color and final details. I do not expect a finished project this week, but please feel free to share your progress with me. Here is a sample of a local landmark painting I created.

Plans From April 20-26


Wednesday April 22nd is Earth Day. Please draw a picture of something you do to help make the Earth a clean and beautiful place. I will be checking in on flip grid to see your work and hear all about how you help out our planet!

First Grade

Planting a garden. I have been spending a lot of time getting my vegetable garden ready. Draw a picture of all the things you would want to grow if you were planting a garden. Be sure to add a lot of color. Send me a picture when you're finished

Second Grade

Before we left School, we were learning all about the solar system. This week we celebrate a special planet, our planet, Earth. We celebrate Earth day on April 22nd, but we try to help the Earth stay clean all year long. Please draw me a colorful picture of Earth, and write one thing you can do to help keep the Earth clean.

Third Grade

This week we are celebrating Earth Day. My challenge for third grade is to create art from nature. Your artwork can be made from 100% found objects or you can use a combination of nature and drawing. Here are two examples of the project. A seahorse made from found sea glass, and flowers made of flowers, leaf rubbings, and paint. I cannot wait to see what you all come up with!

Fourth Grade

Origami Swans. Have you noticed that the swans have been around a lot more now that the weather is warming up? Origami is the art of folding paper. For this project it is most important to use a piece of paper that is square, the same length on all four sides. Please follow the folding steps to create your origami swan! Email me a picture of you finished work.

Plans from April 13-17


Last week you all made wonderful drawings for me about the people who you are spending this time at home with. It was so wonderful to hear and see from so many of you on Flip Grid. Hopefully you have all had time to be out in your yards, enjoying this warmer weather. This week I would love to see a drawing of your favorite thing to do outside, now that it's getting warm! I will be visiting you again on Flip Grid! I am so excited to see your work, and hear about your favorite springtime activities.

First Grade

Spring is in the air, and the birds are singing! This week we will be making shape birds!

You will need

colored paper


glue (any kind)

a marker

To make your bird draw and cut out a big semi circle, a small semi circle, a tiny triangle, and a medium triangle. your small semi circle gets glued onto the big semi circle for the wing and body. Use the tiny triangle as a beak and the medium triangle as a tail! make a small circle for the eye and your bird is complete. Share your creations with me by taking a picture and sending it to

Second Grade

Cut paper bunnies. For this project I used a brown paper bag and scraps of pink paper, but you can use any paper you have around the house. You will need to cut out a few sized ovals and circles (see photo) and then assemble your bunny using glue. Once it is assembled add a face and share your creation with me by sending a picture to!

Third Grade

Origami Rabbits. Origami is the art of folding paper. For this project it is most important to use a piece of paper that is square, the same length on all four sides. Please follow the folding steps to create your origami bunny! Email me a picture of you finished work.

Fourth Grade

Creating texture in art. This week we will explore adding visual texture to our drawings. We will be drawing potted cacti. Start by drawing a curved line for the top of the pot. Fill your flower pot with an outline of Cacti. There are so many different types of cactus, you can look them up on your chrome books for inspiration. After you have an outline use lines and X's to make visual texture. Add lots of color to make them vibrant and beautiful. Share your work with me by emailing a photo to! I can't wait to see your work.

Plans From April 6-11


Who are you spending this at home time with? Draw me a picture of everyone that is home with you. Don't forget to include any pets that are home too! Send a picture of your artwork to my email when you're finished. I will also be visiting you this week on Flip Grid! I am so excited to see your work.

First Grade

It's time to get outside and draw! (or stay inside in a well lit spot if you're too cold) . This week we are shadow drawing. For this project you will need a pencil, a toy with a good shape, (animals and figurines work well, you can also build a building out of Legos) and a piece of paper. Don't forget something to color with for when you finish! Set your toy up a the edge of the paper in a sunny spot.

You will notice a shadow forming on your paper.

Using your pencil, trace the shape of your toy.

Once you finish have fun adding color.

Lastly, snap a picture and send it to me!

Second Garde

We're going on a scavenger hunt! Look around your house, or go on a nature walk with someone, to look for different materials to make a found art masterpiece; today we're making flowers. After you have found a lot of different items, arrange them on a flat surface to make flowers. You don't need to glue them down, just snap a picture and return the items back to where they belong! Make sure to send me a picture of you found object flowers!

Third Grade

Did you know there are a lot of fun websites you can visit to make art right on your chrome books? This week you will visit to color in one of their many designs. Explore all the different patterns and make a drawing that is colorful and unique. You can even save your creation and send a copy to my email!

Fourth Grade

Patterned Plants! Have you noticed things are getting a little more colorful outside? Spring has sprung and we are creating fun colorful, patterned plants.

Start with a simple outline drawing of flowers, you can make as many as you want!

Next, add patterns to the leaves and petals

Last, addd color: Use cool colors for your leaves and warm colors for your petals.

Warm- reds, pinks, oranges, yellows & Cool- Greens, Blues, Purples

Plans from March 30-April 3


Create a face from objects found around the house.

Start with a plate or dish, collect items, and make an expressive face!

Snap a picture and share it with me!

First Grade

Create a color wheel from found objects.

Go on a scavenger hunt around the house. Collect items that are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Arrange your found objects into a round rainbow. Start with red on top, next place orange, yellow, green, blue and finally finish off your circle with purple. Snap a picture and share it with me!

Second Grade

Make a portrait of one of your toys.

Find a toy that is special to you. Set it up so that you can see it while you are drawing. Make your toy fill the page, it is the star of your artwork! Add color and take a picture of your masterpiece to share with me!

Third Grade

Spring Flower Drawings

Have you noticed that the beautiful flowers have started to bloom outside? Bring a piece of paper outside and make a drawing of a flower you see in your yard! Share your drawings with me by emailing a picture of them to me. Don't forget to add color and have fun!

Fourth Grade

Dream Home Facades

We have discussed drawing your dream home, now it's your turn to draw! Get a piece of paper and pencil and draw the outside view of your dream home. Be sure to pay attention to details, windows, doors, trees, etc. Submit a photo of your drawing to my email or onto your google classroom page.

Plans From the Weeks of march 18th-27th:

As we make a shift to online instruction, here are art activities that are easy to follow and fun to complete at home. All that is needed is paper and a pencil, if you have materials to color accessible that makes it even better! I will post a new link each week for children to complete. In addition, please feel free to explore the drawing links and art games at the bottom of the page. I would love to see what you are creating during this time; parents please feel free to send me pictures of the work your children are creating at . If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


First Grade:

Second Grade:

Third Grade: We have just begun a unit on comic writing. Students can visit the following site to create their own comic strip.

I encourage you to save your creations and share them by emailing a copy to me at

Fourth Grade: We have been learning about designing dream house facades.


  • Scroll down and click on facade

  • Pick a style

  • Finally pick a facade and get started customizing your house!

  • Have fun and get creative, you can click on all parts of the house to select custom finishes.

Fifth Grade: We will be using Google Classroom to communicate, you should have all received a link to your art class, if you have not please email me.

Please create a digital mandala on the following website. Play around a try a few different designs until you get the hang of it. Once you have completed your design save it and post a copy to the discussion board.

Sixth Grade: We will be using Google Classroom to communicate, you should have all received a link to your art class, if you have not please email me.

If you cannot remember the artist you selected please email me.

  • Create a google doc. that is 1-3 slides about a famous artist.

  • Make sure to include Pictures of your artist and their artwork

  • Discuss your artist's style of work

  • Provide 3 facts about your artist.

Once you are finished please post the slide presentation on google classroom

Grade 7 Studio Art : We will be using Google Classroom to communicate, you should have all received a link to your art class, if you have not please email me.

Please use this time to log on your newly created account

Grade 8 Studio Art: We will be using Google Classroom to communicate, you should have all received a link to your art class, if you have not please email me.

Please use this time to log on your newly created account