Ms. Lemon 

              Special Education-     Transitional Services   

                Pre-K Special Education

                      Second Grade Teacher

                       Fifth Grade ELAR

Welcome! Ms. Ingrid Lemon with Spring ISD Heritage Elementary.  I have been in education for over 20 years. I started teaching in the area of Special Education. I have taught Transition Services, Pre-K  Special Education, Second Grade General, and presently Fifth Grade ELAR.

Contact: 281.891.8510   Main Contact: class dojo

Classroom Schedule:  5th Grade 3-Way Rotation                                                                  Classroom  Rules  

Breakfast/SEL Block  7:35-8:00                                                                                                       Respect for ALL

Class 1                                 8:00-9:30/90 minutes                                                                            Be grateful for my Education

Class 2                                 9:30-10:15/45 minutes                                                                         Raise My Hand to Speak

W.I.N.                                   10:15-11:15/60 minutes                                                                      Be Kind to Others

Recess                                 11:15-11:45/30 minutes                                                                      Make the Right Choices

Lunch                                   11:45-12:15/ 30 minutes

FLEX                                     12:15-1:15/ 60 minutes              (Conference)

Class 2                                 1:15-2:00/ 45 minutes

Class 3                                 2:00-3:25/ 85 minutes