Majorly Gifted

GT Performance Projects Begin At Major

GT Students at Major Elementary are already beginning their Texas Performance Projects. They will select the project they'd like to work on and have time daily during intervention block to work on it!

Ask your scholar what they picked this year and get involved!

This project will be showcased at the Following:

Campus GT Expo on 11/28/18 here at Major in the Foyer


The District GT Expo. on 12/5/18 at 5:00 pm at

Carl Wunsche Sr. High School

900 Wunsche Loop

Spring, Texas 77373

Next Semester, each student will do another project and display that one as well!

Check out to see the projects and learn more!

High Achiever or Gifted Student?

A High Achiever

  • Knows the answers
  • Is Interested
  • Is attentive
  • Has good ideas
  • Works hard
  • Commits time and effort to learning
  • Answers questions
  • Absorbs information
  • Copies and responds accurately
  • Is a top student
  • Needs 6 to 8 repetitions for mastery
  • Understands ideas
  • Grasps meaning
  • Completes assignments
  • Is a technician
  • Is a good memorizer
  • Is receptive Listens with interest
  • Prefers sequential presentation of information
  • Is pleased with his or her own learning

A Gifted Learner

  • Asks the questions
  • Is highly curious
  • Is intellectually engaged
  • Has original ideas
  • Performs with ease
  • May need less time to excel
  • Responds with detail and unique perspectives Manipulates information
  • Creates new and original products
  • Is beyond his or her age peers
  • Needs 1 to 2 repetitions for mastery
  • Constructs abstractions
  • Draws inferences
  • Initiates projects
  • Is an innovator
  • Is insightful; makes connections with ease
  • Is intense
  • Shows strong feelings, opinions, perspectives Thrives on complexity
  • Is highly self‐critical