09 October 2019

Quote of the week

“This little light of mine, I’m gonnna let it shine”

~ Traditional Spiritual song

A message from Miss Dunn

Principal’s Message 9 October 2019

Dear Parents

The Candle on my Desk

Over twenty-five years ago, when I was a new, young principal, I went one day to visit a dear friend of mine who was a Holy Cross Sister, and principal of a large Holy Cross School in Cape Town. As I went into her office, I noticed a candle burning on her desk. When I asked her about it, she said to me, “I burn a candle on my desk every day. It keeps the Holy Spirit close.”

Even since then, I have lit a candle on my desk every day. When I began working at Springfield, I was given the gift of the crystal tealight candle holder that stands on my desk now. A tealight candle burns for about five hours, so I light two candles every day, one when my school day starts, and one at mid-day. As I light each candle, I pray for a special intention. Over the years those intentions have included Sisters, teachers, parents, children and families in need, classes going off on outings and camps away from the safety of the school, very ill and dying grandparents, parents and children, and many, many people who have had need of the Holy Spirit. I know there are many in our school community who have experienced me saying, “I lit a candle for you today”.

But last week, on Thursday and Friday, my candles were lit for a different intention, and that was for our eighty Matric girls who were ending their school career with their Awards evening on Thursday and their Valedictory Mass on Friday. As I watched those girls sitting on that stage on Thursday evening, and being given a special blessing by the Bishop at the Mass in the garden on Friday, memories of so many of them came back to me. I remembered enrolling them into Pre-Primary when they were four years’ old in 2006, welcoming them into “big school” in Grade One in 2008, journeying with them through their junior school years until they “graduated” from Grade Seven in 2014, and then watching from a distance as their five years of senior school rushed by. I see them now as confident young women ready to begin a whole new chapter in their lives, ready to let their lights shine out there in the wider community, and I am proud to have been part of their school journey.

And I promise to continue to light a candle for them every so often, keeping the Holy Spirit close.

Alison Dunn

Junior School Principal

Headmaster's Message

Message to the Matrics

Here is an excerpt of my Headmaster’s Address at the 2019 Valedictory Service:

President Lincoln, when he was asked to give an address at Gettysburg where a memorial was being dedicated at the field where that terrible battle took place during the American Civil War, looked over the area where 57 000 people were killed in three days of battle and said: ‘The world will little note, or remember, what we say here, but the world will never forget what these men did.’

What a powerful message for our Matrics. In years to come, few people will remember what you said over the years, but they WILL remember what you did.

Here are eight examples whereby you matrics can check how you did:

* For every one of you who bought a card or a small present for your Grade 8 buddy on her birthday, well done. Your action shows that you are thoughtful.

* For every one of you who went out of you way to give a hug to someone who is going through a difficult time in their lives, well done. Your actions show that you care.

* For everyone of you, who gave your best shot at everything you did both in and out of the classroom, well done. You understand how to be a good role model.

* For every one of you who came to support a Springfield team even when you weren’t playing, or to support a Concert, well done. You have lived by your actions, the concept of loyalty.

* For every one of you who stood back and let a younger girl go through the door first, well done. You understood that real leadership is not about ego but about humility.

* For every one of you who made an effort to wear your uniform neatly, both in and out of the School, well done. You have sent a message about the real meaning of pride.

* To the matric girl, and she knows who she is, who wrote a Whats App message earlier in the year, to a group of thoughtless girls: ‘Come on guys, stop this. You are being hurtful,’ well done. You showed an example of courage.

* To all those of you who realise that Veritas is not just a word on your blazer, but it is a way which you wish to lead your lives, well done. Being true to yourselves - both to your individual talent and your humanity in the way you treat others, is the final test of any graduate from Springfield Convent.

Keith Richardson


Message from Springfield Board


Weekly Inspiration

BP 484 The Month of Care for Creation.pdf



Valedictory Mass took place in our beautiful gardens, sometimes referred to as our open air cathedral. A celebration culminating in the final blessing of our Class of 2019, their families and teachers. The main celebrant was Aux Bishop Sylvester David, concelebrated by parish priest of Corpus Christi Fr Manuel Fernandes and cousin to one of our matric pupils Catherine Shields, Fr Mark Pothier. Always a joyous occasion with members of our extended Springfield community – Sisters, Board Members, guests, including some principals of surrounding Junior Schools.

Magnificent song called Evergreen, written by Jess Holing (Headgirl) and performed by Afikile Mkiva

Office Information / Calendar events

WEEKLY INFO LETTER – 09 October 2019

REMINDER: The PTA Cake Sale will be held on Friday 11 October and will be hosted by the Pre-School outside the Centenary Hall from 08:30 to 13:00.



Wednesday 9 October: Talk by Gary Kirsten at 6.30pm in the Centenary Hall tonight.

Friday 11 October – Grade 1 and Grade 5 Outing to Kirstenbosch.

Monday 14 October – Grade 1 – 7 Text Book and Stationery Lists 2020 to be handed out.

Monday 14 October – Grade 6 visit to the Senior School.

Thursday 17 October – Heritage Celebrations

Kind regards

Junior School Office

Senior Primary


It was an incredible weekend packed with fun and adventure. The moms loved spending time with their daughters and everyone was pushed to their limits in the planned activities which created special memories that moms and daughters will treasure forever! These grade 7 girls really made their moms proud!!

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Foundation Phase Weekly

Pre School News


Our girls' proud moments


Back row left to right - Kimberley Latham, Justine Keyser, Chloe Smart, Kiana Jonas & Anastácia Butler

Front row left to right - Tamara Stabrey, Ella Rennie, Eve Bosanquet & Lyra Hughes


Back row left to right - Carolyn Lord, Skye Micklethwaite, Sophia Fuller, Carmen Whittaker, Georgia Walsh & Emma Gordon

Front row left to right - Zara Ronne, Franki Preen & Felicity Chase

Counsellor's Corner


Our Senior and Junior School Transformation Teams have put together a Heritage Day Celebration which will take place next Thursday the 17th of October 2019.

To keep parents in the loop, the Junior School Programme for the day is as follows:

  • 9.30 am: A production but the JUNGLE theatre:

Mantis and the Bee, is based on a Khoisan folktale set long ago before the earth was formed and long before the first human walked the earth. It explores /Xam mythology and the origin of life on earth. The performance uses movement, music, masks, puppetry, Khoikhoi and English language. A beautiful folklore story about the first indigenous people of the Cape.

  • 10.30 am: A dance performance by Africa ABLAZE:

“Transforming mindsets and inspiring appreciation for the innate beauty and sacredness of a dance language that honours our Africanism and respects a culture of organic movement that arises spontaneously from the belly of our African earth”.

Girls will be encouraged to participate and experience this dance language.

  • 12.30pm: Zumba on the astro - A dance class, with a focus on our South African dance moves!
  • 12.30 - 1.30pm: Our Heritage Carnival: Each Grade will set up a table where influences of our unique and rich South African Heritage are displayed and discussed.

There will be a cooking demonstrations by Thabile Mazibuko (Xhosa food) and Rashieda Martin (Cape Malay food).

Please can you help by having family discussions about our rich Heritage and how unique and privileged South Africa is to have so many beautiful and diverse influences.

With thanks and warm regards

From the Junior School Transformation Team:

Danielle Gilbert, Merrill Velensky, Bridgid van der Westhuizen, Ingrid Commins, Colleen Hauxwell, Kathy Kebble and Gabby Cloete

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(by Caitlin Gardiner 7B)


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Waterpolo Clinic

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