Unit 8

Unit 8A: Motivation

Unit 8B: Emotion


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​Unit 8A: Motivation

Unit Objectives

Essential Task 8-1: Identify and apply basic motivational concepts to understand behavior with specific attention to instincts for animals,biological factors like needs, drives, and homeostasis, and operant conditioning factors like incentives, and intrinsic versus extrinsic motivators.

Essential Task 8-2: Compare and contrast the motivational theories of drive reduction theory, arousal theory, and Maslow's hierarchy of needs detailing the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Essential Task 8-3: Apply the motivational theories to describe human drives for contact, aggression, achievement, and affiliation

Essential Task 8-4: Describe classic research findings in specific motivation systems (e.g., eating, sex, social).

Essential Task 8-7: Compare and contrast the major theories of emotion James–Lange Theory, Cognitive Appraisal Theory, Schachter two-factor theory, Cannon–Bard Theory and Opponent Process Theory.

Essential Task 8-8: Describe how emotions are expressed and how cultural influences shape emotional expression, including variations in body language.

Essential Task 8-9: Identify key contributors in the psychology of motivation and emotion )e.g., William James, Alfred Kinsey, Abraham Maslow, Stanley Schachter, Hans Selye.)

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