Unit 7

Cognition 8-10%

Unit 7A: Memory

Unit 7B: Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity & Language

Study Tools

Unit Objectives

AP Psychology Quiz- Memory

Quizlet: Cognition

Review Games:

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Play Simon Says


Video Games and Memory

Are you a doodler?

Music and Memory

7a: Memory

Psych Sim: Iconic Memory

Radio Lab- Extra Credit Class Demo: Memory and Forgetting

TED Talk- Working backward to solve problems

Essential Task 7-1: Compare and contrast various cognitive processes:

-effortful v automatic processing;

-deep v shallow processing;

-focused v divided attention.

Essential Task 7-2: Describe and differentiate psychological and physiological systems of memory (e.g., short-term memory, procedural memory).

Essential Task 7-3: Outline the principles that underlie effective encoding, storage, and construction of memories.

Essential Task 7-4: Describe strategies for memory improvement.

Essential Task 7-5: Synthesize how biological, cognitive, and cultural factors converge to facilitate acquisition, development, and use of language.

Essential Task 7-6: Identify problem-solving strategies as well as factors that influence their effectiveness.

7b: Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity & Language

Psych Sim: My Mind is Spinning