Unit 5

States of Consciousness 2-4%

Essential Task 5-1: Describe various states of consciousness and their impact on behavior.

Essential Task 5-2: Discuss aspects of sleep and dreaming: — stages, characteristics of the sleep cycle and circadian rhythms. — theories of sleep and dreaming (activation synthesis, information processing, cognitive theory, and psychodynamic) — symptoms and treatments of sleep disorders (sleep apnea and narcolepsy)

Essential Task 5-3: Explain hypnotic phenomena (suggestibility, dissociation, actor-observer effect) and describe historic and contemporary uses of hypnosis (pain control, addiction and psychotherapy).

Essential Task 5-4: Identify the major psychoactive drug categories (depressants, stimulants and hallucinogens) and classify specific drugs, including their psychological and physiological effects.

Essential Task 5-5: Discuss drug dependence, addiction, tolerance, and withdrawal.

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