Unit 14

Social Psychology 8-10%

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Unit Objectives

AP Psychology Quiz- Social Psychology


Essential Task 14-1: Apply attribution theory to explain the behavior of others with specific attention to the fundamental attribution error, self-serving bias, just-world hypothesis and differences between collectivistic and individualistic cultures..

Essential Task 14-2: Discuss attitude formation and how attitudes change with specific attention to schema, primacy effect, cognitive dissonance and the central and peripheral routes to persuasion.

Essential Task 14-3: Predict the impact of others on individual behavior with specific attention to deindividuation, the self-fulfilling prophecy, the bystander effect and social facilitation.

Essential Task 14-4: Describe the structure and function of different kinds of group behavior with specific attention to group polarization and group think.

Essential Task 14-5: Describe processes that contribute to differential treatment of group members with specific attention to attraction, altruism, aggression, in-group/out-group dynamics, ethnocentrism, prejudice.

Essential Task 14-6:Explain how individuals respond to expectations of conformity. Explain how individuals respond to expectations of compliance.

Essential Task 14-7: Identify important figures in social pscyhology (e.g., Solomon Asch, Leon Festinger, Stanley Milgram, Phillip Zimbardo).

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