Unit One & Two

History: Unit 1: 2-4%

Research: Unit 2: 8-10%

Essential Task 1-1. Describe, compare, and contrast how different approaches to psychology explain behavior:

-structuralism, functionalism, and behaviorism in the early years;

-Gestalt, psychoanalytic/psychodynamic, and humanism emerging later

- cognitive, biological, evolutionary, and biopsychosocial as more contemporary approaches

Essential Task 1-2. Distinguish the different careers in psychology (clinical, counseling, developmental, educational, experimental, human factors, industrial-organizational, personality, and psychometric)

‚ÄčEssential Task 1-3. Identify major historical figures in psychology (Mary Whiton Calkins, Charles Darwin, Dorothea Dix, Sigmund Freud, G. Stanley Hall, William James, Ivan Pavlov, JEan Piaget, Carl Rogers, B.F. Skinner, Margaret Floy Washburn, John B. Watson, Wilhelm Wundt).

Essential Task 2-1. Differentiate types of research with regard to purpose, strengths, and weaknesses

- Descriptive Research: Case Studies, Naturalistic Observation and Survey - Correlational Research - Experimental Research

Essential Task 2-2. Describe descriptive research studies taking into account random sampling, wording-effect and applicable biases.

Essential Task 2-3. Describe a correlational research study taking into account operational definitions, random sampling, correlational coefficient, and scatter-plots.

Essential Task 2-4. Describe experimental research design taking into account operational definitions, independent/dependent variables, confounding variables, control/experimental groups, random assignment of participants, single/double blind procedures, demand characteristics, and applicable biases.

Essential Task 2-5 Apply basic statistical concepts to explain research findings

- Descriptive Statistics: Central Tendency (mean, median, mode, skewed distributions) Variance ( range, standard deviation, and normal distributions)

- Inferential Statistics: Statistical significance (t-test and p-value)

Essential Task 2-6. Identify the APA ethical guidelines and identify how they inform and constrain research practices.

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