Unit 11

Testing & Individual Differences


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AP Psychology Quiz- Intelligence

Quizlet- Unit 11

Essential Task 11-1: Define intelligence, list characteristics psychologists include in their definition, and discuss how culture influences the definition of intelligence.

Essential Task 11-2: Compare and contrast historic and contemporary theories of intelligence with specific attention to general intelligence, triarchic theory, crystallized/fluid intelligence, multiple intelligences, emotional intelligence.

Essential Task 11-3: Explain how psychologists design tests, including standardization strategies and other techniques to establish reliability and validity and interpret the meaning of scores in terms of the normal curve.

Essential Task 11-4: Debate the appropriate testing practices, particularly in relation to the Stanford-Binet test, the WISC, the WAIS and culture-fair test uses.

Essential Task 11-5: Describe relevant labels related to intelligence testing (e.g., gifted, cognitively disabled, savant).

Essential Task 11-6: Debate appropriate testing practices, particularly in relation to culture-fair test uses.

Essential Task 11-7: Identify key contributors in intelligence research and testing (e.g., Alfred Binet, Francis Galton, Howard Gardner, Charles Spearman, Robert Sternberg, Louis Terman, David Wechsler).

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