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If your son or daughter is interested in joining (or learning more about!) Pack 36 please reach out to our Registration & Membership chair or to the appropriate den leader. We also host an open house in September and a bike rodeo in June that are open to families interested in learning more about scouts.

What to Expect

The Cub Scout program is organized around the notion of a “Pack” -- comprising all Springer Cub Scouts from grades K-5 -- and smaller grade-oriented “Dens”. The target size of a den is around 6-8 children. Both packs and dens meet approximately monthly, and there are additional optional activities like monthly hikes or pack overnights.

The pack usually (but not always!) meets on a Wednesday night at 6:30 or 7 pm in the Springer multi. Dens set their own meeting times and locations.

For more information about the Cub Scouts program (badge requirements, uniforms, etc.) see the national Cub Scouts page.

Reach out to our Membership chair or to the appropriate den leader if you're interested in joining Pack 36.

Time Commitment

At the Lion (kinder) and Tiger (first grade) levels, the model is parent-led. The den leader provides assistance and organization, but parents take turns running meetings and organizing activities. As the scouts progress towards Webelos (fourth and fifth grade) they take on more of the responsibility of running meetings and organizing activities. At all levels a fair amount of the work toward attaining the next rank happens outside of formal meetings. In total, expect to spend several hours a month on scout-related activities during the school year.

Parents' Role in Scouts

Parents are an important part of an exceptional Scouting program. As your child progresses through the ranks of scouting your role and influence on them achieving goals should decrease accordingly. For example, your presence is expected at all den meetings and most outings if your child is a 1st grade Tiger Cub (you are an adult partner) and your role decreases as they advance through the Webelos rank. Each year your scout will become more responsible for their advancement in the program and each year our parents find more time to assist all the kids in the pack.

Parents are also members of the Pack Committee. The Pack Committee plans the programming for all the activities of the pack. The committee also enables, equips, and trains the leaders and parent volunteers. Your role in this committee can be passive but hopefully, as your child's demands on your time decrease, your role in the Pack Committee will increase.

We ask that you identify your strengths and find ways to apply them towards the program. Your role is certainly up to you but we all hope you find a good place in our pack to apply those skills and enhance the program to new heights. Read up on the various roles and responsibilities that keep the pack running smoothly, and feel free to speak with any of the current leaders about where you can help.


The pack collects annual dues to cover the expenses of the year’s activities and programming. Scholarships are also available to cover these costs if needed.

The dues structure is complicated, in part because BSA (the national and regional organizations) runs on a calendar year rather than a school year. For the '21-22 school year pack dues are $250/scout. Here's a breakdown of where that money goes.

  • $72 goes to the national organization and an additional $72 goes to the council (the regional organization) to cover registration from January '22 to January '23.

  • The pack must pay a prorated amount that ranges from $18 and $30 to national and $18 and $30 to council for scouts not registered the previous year. This covers registration for the time period between their registration date and January '22. Returning scouts are already registered from the previous year and don't incur additional registration fees.

  • The pack must also pay national a one-time $25 fee for every new scout.

  • The Scout Life magazine subscription is optional and is not covered by the annual dues. The cost is $12 for January '21 to January '22 plus a prorated amount for the fall for new subscriptions, $3-5.

For the '21-'22 year, the cost to the pack to register a scout varied from $144 to $227, with an average of $193/scout. The pack also covers the $90 to $135 registration fee for adult volunteers (also variable because new adult leaders must pay a pro-rated amount for the fall). The pack must pay a $75 pack registration fee. There are also processing fees charged by BSA as well as PayPal.

The leftover money stays with the pack. We try to break even each year, but sometimes run a small surplus or deficit. Any surplus stays in the pack treasury to be used the next year.

The pack portion of the dues covers things like badges/belt loops/pins earned, hiking awards, a pinewood derby car for each scout, facility rental for the campfire (at the BSA headquarters in Palo Alto), supplies (things like hot chocolate and cookies for the campfire, trophies for the pinewood derby), and additional programming (in past years we had a bubble performer or a magician come to a pack meeting). It does not cover things like uniforms or handbooks, or "extra" trips like the overnight or camping.

Please reach out to our treasurer if you have questions about dues.


Scouts are expected to wear their uniform top for pack meetings, den meetings, and other scouting events. Lots of kids wear their hats and neckerchiefs as well. Most kids in Pack 36 do not wear uniform bottoms.

Uniforms and scout handbooks are available online at the scout shop or at one of the nearby physical scout shop locations (Palo Alto, Foster City - a larger store). Call ahead if you're making a trip to the physical store to confirm inventory - it's sometimes spotty. If you're placing an online order it would be a nice service to your den to coordinate with other parents, which also gets you above the $125 threshold for free shipping. The pack asks that parents turn in uniform parts they no longer need, so we usually have a few hand-me-downs to distribute.

See here for more information about uniforms. This Scout Shop Uniform Builder tool is also helpful, although sometimes it doesn't include all available options (e.g. there is no size medium shirt, but if you search for medium shirt across the website you'll find one). Your scout will need: