Hello Families! I am Mrs. Turban. I am your child's teacher!

This will be a year filled with new and exciting experiences, and amazing growth for your child. We will be learning our letters, numbers, science, art, how to cook, and so much more. I know we are going to have a great year together.

I believe that home/school connection and communication are essential to your child's success, and I want to make this a positive experience for both you and your child. I know that children (and even parents) come to school feeling nervous, excited, scared and happy (sometimes all at the same time), and I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at any time.

I will also do my part by sending a daily communication note home with your child each day. This note will describe their day, as well as activities and lessons we did as a class. For those preschoolers that ride the bus to and from school every day this daily note will be used as a form of communication between myself and parents who I am unable to talk to directly on a daily basis.

I am very excited to begin our preschool adventures and want this to be a fun and successful experience for all!

I will be waiting for you to arrive to begin a super preschool year!