Spotify Analytics

Spotify Analytics helps labels track the number of plays of their music on Spotify. Data is split by country, gender, age, and product split (Free vs Premium users).

To gain access, please visit Spotify Analytics.

Analytics Tips

Search using URI

Use exact URIs of to get the best results from Search, as using Artist or Album names may not show all available data.

Learn how to find a URI in our FAQs.

Licensor or Label

If you're not seeing the results you expect, go to the top right of Analytics and toggle between different Licensors and Labels to view different releases.

Country trends

To isolate only one country, hold Shift + click.

Streams vs Listeners

The streams view shows the number of plays that day. If viewing an album product, any track played from that album will count as 1 stream.

The Listeners view shows the number of unique listeners per day.

Data API

Spotify provides access to a vast amount of additional info through our Data API. To gain access, please contact your local account manager.