Capturing water Workcamp

INFO PACK for volunteers:

Two weeks work-camp project "Capturing Water for Life" for 10 european participants

including Introduction to Permaculture course

Where: Merboltice 95, Czech Republic

When: 1st July- 14th July 2019

Who: open-minded youth in age 18-29 years determined for practical action against drought challenge that our household face. Acceptable nationalities in this project are : Romanian, French, Italian, Slovakian, Czech and Spanish ... ONLY!

Participants has to became members of European Solidarity Corps - initiative of EU. Our partners in your country - Sending organizations - will help you to arrange that, insurance and anything needed before departure.

Costs and guaranty: European Solidarity Corps - Erasmus + program guarantee educative quality of accredited hosting organisation and cover volunteers all costs as traveling, accomodation, food and pocket money. You have to come to Czechia on 1st July and leave 14th July according to project period. We give preference to overland transportation.

Hosting Organisation: Spolek Hvozd NGO - culture-educational space in countryside

Applications deadline: 31st May 2019

The short-term aim is to offer to European youths opportunity to prove their solidarity with local rural community by helping them improve water management of permaculture farm and support environmental self-sufficiency while creating system for capturing rain water into natural pools in gardens and Edible forest we created. Therefore is this project directly referring to issues of climate change. Its consequences already stroke in our region by unprecedented droughts.

Participants will face another cultural environment and in international team. That provides them a great opportunity for inclusion when working together with youngsters from other European countries. During they residence at Hvozd volunteers will be led by life-experienced members of NGO in their topics, applying their new knowledge and suggestions in direct action. By that the volunteers will deepen social and communication skills, their awareness of their own and other cultures. The participants will be meeting with local unbelievable individuals, thus experiencing a wide set of approaches and mentalities - experiencing inter-cultural learning.

All we realize in our NGO and in this project with participants comes from principles of permaculture . ermaculture is a design system in which natural ecosystems are the model for our human habitats. Natural ecosystems are, almost by definition, sustainable, and if we can understand the way they work we can use that understanding to make our own lives more sustainable. Part of Activity will be "Introdution to permaculture" course for participants to educate them about this. Long-term aims are to secure the water supplies of water for hour eco-farm that is needed for household use and mainly watering extensive gardens and new planted trees in orchards. Part of activities will be finalization of "reed bed wastewater treatment system" (Kořenová čistička odpadních vod).

Our household is typical sizes of local farm buildings and therefore our water management designs might be followed by locals, ensuring them sufficient amount of water in their wells. Capturing rain water in big scale during heavy summer storms might ease to other draining channels and prevent floods in urban areas and countryside.

Volunteers tasks and type of works needed

Each morning will have short meeting where we will plane day schedule and divide us into teams working on different place and different craft like:

  • final adjustment of terrain, lay down the plastic film (folie) under the root wastewater treatment and water pool behind. All that under leadership of professionals
  • basic carpentery works - to create wood structure supporting 1000l water storage barrel and setting them high on the house-wall
  • stone works - building up little walls and support for wood beams and pools

Other activities

- Introduction to permaculture - course of 16 hours lead by one of the most experienced teachers in country Katka Horackova will take place in the first week of the course. You will get the basics of permaculture principles, understand soil and water, and get hands-on experience to test them, and also have a chance to better understand elements and techniques that you will see here.

  • non-formal education and activities - leaded by main team-leader Cristina Sanchez, experienced volunteer and member of Spolek Hvozd.
  • Trips into region - either leaded by our friend-guides that take you into closest National park Czech-Switzerland with accommodation there or you can set out on your own to Prague or wherever during your day off.
  • Inclusion with locals where we will visit their farms in village or on one of evenings where participants will introduce the place they come from and prepare their traditional food.

How to apply

To participate in this project you have to fill up our short on-line form and then send motivation letter on until 31st May 2019.

About the hosting organisation

We transform traditional farm homestead into energy self-sufficient house and maintain surrounded land, meadows and orchards and the whole site as an eco-farm based on permaculture principles including singnificant manufacturing possibilities. Situated in beautiful mountain landscape of national protected area České středohoří.

We focus on those topic:

1 eco-farming - creating and maintenance of vegetable and herbal gardens, fruit orchards, seed harvest and food preservation.

2 hand-crafts - art-joinery, traditional carpentry, pottery manufacture, clay plastering.

3 community and culture - organize seminars, workshops and culture events either at NGO center or in the village. Team work with other volunteers and visitors.

Our target group is people who care for their environment and look for ways to live a self-sufficient life.