Lukáš Pilnaj - a founding member, profesional musician (Duo Deši, Deshane) and music instrument maker (didgeridoo gallery), carpenter. Studied Faculty of enviromental protection. Experienced volunteering in several organisations in Czechia and Slovakia, organizing of cooperation and communication with other EVS projects and Czech volunteer organisations – TamJdem, WWOOF CZ.

In NGO is responsible for carying out technical projects, assisting and teaching volunteers how to handle tool and techniques of different type. Is a main coordinator for EVS volunteers and contact person for Erasmus+ programm needs.

Eva Pilnaj Žižkovská - a founding member, professional musician (Duo Deši, Deshane) and teacher of art education (blog, responsible for media work, publishing articles. Eva graduated at the Pedagogical faculty in Pedagogy of Art department. In the NGO Eva is responsible for the logistics, administration, managment, creativity, orders and maintanence of the facilities. She will help and guide the volunteers with gardening and cooking, and informational part of the site.

Katka Horáčková – a founding member, permaculture teacher and garden designer, with 20 years of experinece in volunteering in many Czech and European NGO and farms. She helped set up many community projects, gardens and websites, volunteers in several organisations connected to self-sufficiency and organic farming. In NGO Katka is responsible for holding space for the permaculture education and practicals connected to it, programme preparation, communication, publicity and cooperation with Czech NGO sector. She will spend time with the volunteers in the garden and orchards, workshop and kitchen. ,

Petra Vrbková - a control person