WELCOME to Gym Class

How to be Successful in P.E.class:

Be Prepared
"By Failing to Prepare, you are Preparing to Fail."  Benjamin Franklin

Consult the "schedule" page, and locate your day and time for your grade/homeroom.
As the handbook states:
Gym Uniform- Summer Gym uniform is worn until the first week of November, weather permitting
The gym uniform, including predominately white sneakers with white shoe laces, is worn to school on the scheduled gym day.
Summer uniform: Gray T-shirt with SPN school logo, Navy mesh shorts with SPN school logo
Winter uniform: Navy sweat shirt with SPN school logo, Navy sweat pants with SPN school logo,
Gray T-shirt with SPN school logo
Socks: White crew or athletic socks and  must be seen above the ankle.
I would also like to add that any long hair MUST be tied back in a ponytail and off of the face.

Keep an eye on the "what are we doing in Gym Class" page- or ask, you are 
always permitted to bring your own equipment.

Do your best always and in all ways.  
Unity is Strength, Knowledge is Power, Attitude is everything, LIVESTRONG

Partipation and effort, teamwork and cooperation = Success

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