On-Site Cooking

We are mobile! SpitfireZ Catering can come to your event and cook up a wide variety of our menu right at your venue. From roasting of meats such as whole pigs & lambs, to simply grilling up hamburgers and hotdogs so they are fresh right from the grill for your guests. We can also bring our steaming units to do up all your favorite seafoods and honey steam corn on the cob. Take your party to the next level and have the SpitfireZ crew come and cook right in front of your guests!

Charcoal Grilling On-Site at your event.

We can grill all kinds of delicious food on our portable charcoal grills:

On-Site Grilling Fee: $150 Minimum.

Charcoal Rotisserie Cooking On-Site at your event.

We have roasted all kinds of meat over the years on our portable charcoal rotisseries:

On-Site Roasting Fee: $350 Minimum.