Ice Tea & Lemonade Station

Arnold Palmer himself would be pleased to know his hometown favorite drink lives on. Have your guests pour there own fresh brewed tea and refreshing lemonade. Mix them together like Arnie or drink them separate.

$3 Per Guest

  • 2 Self Serve drink stations (ice tea & lemonade)
  • Lemons, sugar, sweet n low, equal
  • 12oz Cups, straws, napkins
  • Ice chest with ice

Coffee & Tea Services

Most events have seniors, and seniors like there coffee. We supply regular & decaf coffee with all the fixins, for your guests to serve themselves.

$2 Per Guest

  • 2 Self serve coffee stations
  • Creamer & Non-Dairy Creamer
  • Sugar, sweet n low, equal
  • 8oz cups, stirrers, and napkins

+$1 Tea Service

  • Hot water station
  • Assorted tea bag flavors
  • Lemons

Pop & Bottled Water

Large lgloo Coolers filled with assorted cans of pop and bottled water. Regular & diet cola, sprite, ginger ale, and bottled water fill the coolers that are topped with ice.

$2 Per Guest

  • Large coolers
  • Guests serve themselves
  • Kids drinks available upon request.
  • Turners Tea products also available