Pork n' Pigs

Pulled Pork BBQ

Sanchioli Bros. Slider Buns with your choice of SpitfireZ bbq or honey gold sauce

Whole bone-in pork shoulders (butts) rubbed with our special dry pork rub and left to rest overnight. The pork butts are then roasted for 12 hours until we can slide the shoulder bone out clean. Hand pulled and tossed in your choice of sauce.

  • Half Pan 12-15 pp • $75
  • Medium Pan │ 20-25 pp • $135
  • Full Pan │ 40-45 pp • $225

Smoked Ham

Sanchioli Bros. Buns and Balsamic Mayo

Whole smoked ham coated countless times with our honey mustard clove baste while spinning on our open charcoal rotisserie. Left to rest and then shaved thin for a ham sandwich your guests will never forget.

  • Half Pan 12-15 pp • $75
  • Medium Pan │ 20-25 pp • $135
  • Full Pan │ 40-45 pp • $225

Grilled Baby Back Ribs

SpitfireZ homemade bbq sauce

Thick and meaty lean baby back ribs rubbed and marinated then slow roasted till that bone barely moves. Chilled overnight then seared and browned on our charcoal grills, sliced into 2-3 rib sections for easy eating and finally dunked in our homemade bbq sauce. Secretly becoming Pittsburgh's best rib caterers.

  • 5 racks 12-15 pp • $90
  • 9 racks │ 20-25 pp • $165
  • 15 racks │ 40-45 pp • $275

Grilled Sausage (hot or sweet)

Sanchioli Bros. Buns, sauteed peppers and onions

Local butcher hand ground and stuffed italian sausage. All natural. No preservatives. Lean, fresh pork and a secret blend of carefully measured imported Mediterranean spices are hand mixed and hand stuffed in an all-natural casing. Grilled over charcoal for the perfect char. Hot or sweet sausage available.

  • Half Pan 20 piece • $60
  • Medium Pan 30 piece • $90
  • Full Pan50 piece • $150

Whole Roast Pigs*

A SpitfireZ Pig.....

All SpitfireZ roast pigs are prepped the same way no matter if you are getting it stuffed or not. We take the whole hog and clean up all the loose fat and parts that the average person does not consume. Anything can be saved or prepared for you, the pig is yours, just let us know. After the cleaning process, we spike all the heavy meaty parts of the pig with fresh garlic slivers. We then rub the pig down, inside and out, with our special wet rub. Our pigs are then left to marinate over night, and roasted the next day on our open charcoal rotisseries.

Whole Roasted Pig Prices 2017*

  • 30 to 40 pound 40 guests • $10lb
  • 41 to 50 pound 50 guests • $9lb
  • 51 to 60 pound 60 guests • $8lb
  • 61 to 70 pound 70 guests • $7lb
  • 71 to 80 pound 80 guests • $7lb
  • 81 to 90 pound 90 guests • $6lb
  • 91 to 100 pound 100 guests • $6lb
  • 100 + pound 100 guests • $5lb

* We are at the mercy of the farmers, and mother nature. Since we only use the highest grades of meats, sometimes prices will rise unexpectedly. This being said, SpitfireZ will contact you to let you know of any price increases. You may want to switch menu options

Roast Pig Stuffing

SpitfireZ Stuffing

Our classic stuffing, mirepoix (celery, carrots, onions), mushrooms, kielbasa, breading, and a special spice blend.

Kielbasa, Dogs, & Sauerkraut

Large 1/6 pound all beef hot dogs, sliced kielbasa, and SpitfireZ seasoned sauerkraut are stuffed inside the pig to almost steam the pig from the inside out.

Create Your Own Stuffing

Have you had a pig stuffed a certain way before? Do you have an idea for a pig stuffing? Let us know what you would like to put in your hog and we can stuff it up for you. We have stuffed pigs with all kinds of creative stuffings over the years, chicken wings, hot sausage, rice and fruit to name a few. Be creative.....we can handle it.

Pig Cooking Options

Pick-Up • Carved or Whole $ Price Per Pound (PPP)

Pig roasted, carved, and panned. SpitfireZ can carve or you can pick up whole and carve yourself.

On-Site • Carved or Whole $ (PPP)+250.00 minimum

SpitfireZ brings the show to your event. We roast the pig at your event for your guests to see on our open charcoal rotisseries / spits. When the pig is ready we take it off and carve for everyone to watch. Some things to remember for on site pig roasts:

  • GREASE: Since our rotisseries are open, there will be grease & charcoal dust in the air. Please keep this in mind for on-site planning
  • ON SITE SPACE NEEDED: We need roughly 10'x20' space to cook on site. 10'x10' for the rotisserie / spit, and 10' x 10' for us to set up our carving station.
  • WHAT WE NEED TO COOK: In order to roast a pig on-site we need power to roast our pig. We also would prefer to have a hose or running water for fire safety and cleanliness. Water not 100% necessity, but really helps.
  • 5 HOURS COOK TIME: Depending on your location, on-site is not always the best option for your event. No matter the size we need a minimum of 5 hours to cook and carve your pig. You might be locked into time frames with your location. Also, if your guests are arriving within an hour of your serve time, they will not see the pig spin on the rotisserie. We like to let the pig rest for 30 min and we 30 min to carve in order to be ready for your serve time.

Delivery • Carved or Whole $ (PPP) +delivery / mileage fee

Having a party where the guests are not arriving till around serving time? No need to have the pig cooked on-site if know one will ever see it spin. Let us cook the pig here at SpitfireZ, carve, pan, wrap and deliver to your event. The pigs head will be presented on a platter of leaf lettuce with the traditional apple in the mouth. Just like we cooked the pig on-site, with a cheaper price.

Roast Pig Form

Looking for a pig? This form will have you covered.