BBQ Sauces

SpitfireZ BBQ Sauce

Our traditional tomato based dark sauce. What you would think of as barbeque sauce, sweet front end with a little zip on the backend to warm up the pallete.

Honey BBQ Sauce

The same start as our traditional SpitfireZ BBQ sauce, just finished with sweet clover honey to take that zip out.

Gold Sauce

A yellow mustard based sauce with a sweet and tangy finish. Basically a little spicer honey mustard sauce.

Sriracha Gold Sauce

Lets take that gold sauce and step it up a notch, the sweet tanginess of the gold sauce offset with the heat of chinese ketchup.

Buffalo Sauce

SpitfireZ version of the tradional wing sauce. We take hot sauce and simmer with spices and garlic, finished with cold butter to smooth out the sauce.

Dr. Pepper Hoisin Sauce

This unique dark chinese BBQ sauce is first started with the reduction of Dr. Pepper and then fresh garlic and ginger are simmered in tomato and hoisin sauces with clover honey to sweeten it all out.

Ham BBQ Sauce

SpitfireZ takes it's turn on this Pittsburgh classic. Sweetend with coca-cola and sweet relish this ketchup based sauce is like no other on our smoked ham.