Sanchioli Bros Bakery

SpitfireZ only uses the best products, and the best bread in Pittsburgh is from Sanchioli Brothers Bakery! From bread, to sandwich rings, to slider rolls, Sanchioli Bros hand makes all of our bread products.

Established in 1921, the Sanchioli brothers have been baking the finest Italian bread in Pittsburgh. It started when Alessandro Sanchioli opened the bakery toward the end of the Depression of 1920-21, so his family would never starve - there would always be bread! Since then, it has passed through the hands of two more generations. His sons, Isadore and Guy, and his grandsons and current owners, Alexander and John.

Little did Alessandro know his family would enjoy his bread almost a century later.

Located in the heart of Bloomfield, with a true hearth oven, the Sanchioli brothers continue to bake the finest Italian bread, buns, and pizza shells in Bloomfield, and most likely in all of Pittsburgh! Don't believe us? Come down to the bakery, 4731 Juniper Street, and try it for yourself!